Why direct treatment at the centre


The spiritually-rooted health treatment provided by tangibly working doctor-spirit entities in Brazil is very different from other spiritual therapies and services. Why distance treatment of this particular care is no substitute for the direct treatment right at the treatment centre is explained here below.


Direct treatment versus distance treatment

“I have been told that distance and direct treatment are the same.”

The notion that distance treatment is the same as direct treatment simply because this is ‘spiritual’ treatment is not tenable.

It is true that to some extent space and time do not exist and that we are spiritual beings. But it is also true that we are having this human experience which brings with it some inherent features. Our physical bodies, space, and time are some of these features and it is important to keep this in mind when it comes to diseases and their treatment.

Seeking spiritual distance treatment to resolve a purely spiritual issue might seem appropriate. But when seeking spiritual treatment to resolve a moderate or serious health condition that has a physical manifestation, something more substantial and tangible might be needed, and this something is available for free in Brazil.

Nobody can say with perfect certainty how the spiritual plane influences and mediates the human condition but proximity to the manifesting spiritual phenomenon seems an important and relevant factor in many spiritual concepts, including Indian philosophies, Philippine healing practices, and shamanism.

The spiritually-rooted health treatment in Brazil is very distinct from other spiritual therapies and services but when it comes to treating disease states that manifest physically, the principle of proximity applies. There are convincing case reports and other evidence that coming to a treatment centre in person and being present physically is highly recommended or even a necessity.

Besides the case-report evidence, it is the incorporating entities themselves who make this point. This includes particularly those centres where the treatment and the supplements such as organically produced herbal pills, crèmes, and drinkable liquids, are provided to the patients free of charge. These centres have no notable financial advantage by making such claims, yet the incorporating entities who tangibly treat the afflicted visitors make it clear that ‘the centre is the place where the treatment manifests and materialises most vigorously’.

People who have a manifested health condition and consider treatment from the doctor-spirit entities in Brazil should note that direct treatment and distance treatment are not the same. Distance treatment should be considered as a last-resort option when there is no other way of receiving this special form of spiritually-rooted healthcare. Also, not all centres at which doctor spirits palpable treat the sick offer distance treatment.

Fully inspiritised mediums versus other individuals

“My healer/counsellor works with similar or the same spirits.”

There are individuals who purport to work with similar or the same spirit entities as the doctor-spirit mediums in Brazil. Perhaps they do, but it is not that easy. There is a significant difference between associating with a spirit entity versus fully incorporating a spirit entity, and this has immense ramifications when it comes to treating people’s diseases and providing care.

Some individuals call the services they offer ‘spiritual surgery’, divine doctoring’, or ‘spiritual intervention’ and these surely have their merit. But these are not comparable to the spiritually-rooted healthcare in Brazil that convinces and awes through its physical execution, palpable actions, and amazing results not in all but in impressively many cases.

By comparing some of those individuals’ services with the doctor spirits’ treatment in Brazil, it becomes clear that these are disparate propositions:

  • Do those individuals attend the sick in the same manner as the incorporated doctor spirits?
    Those individuals normally provide a defined service to a single person in a defined 1-to-1 session. The inspiritised mediums in Brazil treat every person who comes to their centre, no matter how many people are coming, no matter what their request is, no matter how long it may take, free of charge.
  • When treating people’s diseases, do those individuals bend the laws of physics and biomedicine in a witnessable manner as the inspiritised mediums in Brazil?
    No, those individuals do not provably bend these laws and they do not conduct physical interventions as they are provided in Brazil.
  • Do those individuals conduct (invasive) spiritual surgeries largely inexplicable for modern medical science?
    No, those individuals clearly do not conduct such surgeries. Several inspiritised doctor-spirit mediums in Brazil however do and their actions are clearly witnessable, provable, and measurable. No sceptic can deny these events.
  • When working together with a given spirit entity, can those individuals communicate in the foreign language of the doctor-spirit entity?
    No, they do not. But a substantial number of inspiritised mediums can communicate in the native language the doctor spirit spoke when he or she lived on Earth. The most famous example are the mediums into whom the German spirit of Dr. Fritz incorporates. Not all but many are able to communicate in German during inspiritance (the period during which the entity remains incorporated).
  • Do those individuals have an intimate relationship with the doctor-spirit entity?
    Those individuals may feel the spirit but the spirit usually does not appear to them and directly communicate with them. Contrarily, the mediums in Brazil that incorporate doctor-spirit entities do not need to read about a given spirit. Everything they know about the spirit was conveyed to them directly by the respective spirit entity. Their relationship is a very intimate and a long-standing bond. Some would say a ‘karmic bond’.
  • Do those individuals demonstrate profound medical knowledge although never having received medical education or training?
    Those individuals do usually not show any impressive medical knowledge. Select inspiritised mediums in Brazil however do. In particular during the time the entity remains incorporated, some mediums – better is to say incorporated spirits – may demonstrate exceptional medical knowledge, conduct quick but convincing examinations, and provide adequate diagnoses, in a manner that still puzzles scientists and medical professionals.

Considering the above facts, there are possibly individuals who associate with some doctor-spirit entities, but those individuals do not distinctly incorporate these entities and they do not work in the same manner as select inspiritised trance mediums in Brazil, meaning those individuals do not provide the same free, tangible, and impressive health treatment.

Direct treatment convincingly more effective

After having investigated the work of the spirits entities in Brazil for many years, there is no doubt that distance treatment is no substitute for coming to the centre, sitting in ‘the current hall’, and being tangibly attended by an incorporated doctor-spirit entity.

There are some interesting stories of people’s health improving or being cured through the distant treatment they have received, including a medical doctor who came to request help for a friend who then fully recovered from a terminal brain cancer although all medical treatments had failed beforehand. But on the whole, remote treatment appears less effective.

As an analogy, imagine a doctor who is making a home visit to treat a patient or the patient coming to a hospital where a wide range of specialists and treatments are available. Unquestionably, the patient can be better attended in the hospital. The analogy is not perfect but the underlying principle applies on the spiritual plane.

That the provided treatment is significantly more effective inside the treatment centres is unrelated to the placebo effect and psychological suggestion. It is inside of the treatment centres where people experience the permeation of ‘the fluids’, an event that can be described as a proprioceptible crawling and flow-like sensation entering and suffusing the body in intelligent ways, possibly gravitating towards the disease-related areas. Many people who seek treatment feel these fluids working on them. Contrary to the foreigners, the Brazilians do not speak much about it because for them it is something common. They simply refer to it as ‘the fluids’ or ‘the current’.

The case reports and healing stories collected in various centres substantiate the notion that the treatment inside the centre is the primary manner to treat health-compromising conditions.

Some doctor-spirit entities assign the afflicted person for an invisible spiritual surgery taking place some day after the treatment day, but they first analyse the them at the centre and it is there where they decide how to proceed. Such a practice is not considered as being a form of distance treatment.

Direct treatment right at the centre

The incorporating doctor spirits themselves are very clear about the centres being the places where the treatment materialises. Coming and being physically present has tremendous benefits or might even be a necessity:

  • You will be sitting in what is called ‘the current’, the hall where many people state ‘to feel something crawling and flowing through their body’. A sensation that is unique and intricate, and has a clear physicalness which many find difficult to describe. It does not matter whether people are conservative in their worldview or open for spiritual phenomena, their independent statements are intriguingly coherent.

  • The current is the place where so-called ‘extra physical fluids’ accumulate. Every doctor-spirit centre has a ‘current room’. People join in on the current by sitting therein quietly as they are waiting to be attended. During that time the fluids start permeating one’s system and surprisingly many feel this as a dynamic force that has a clear and distinct physicalness. The doctor spirits themselves keep repeating that sitting in ‘the current’ facilitates the treatment tremendously.
    (‘The current’ at doctor-spirit centres has not been reported very well, not even in the Brazilian literature, probably because to the Brazilians it is something common. They are unaware that this is somewhat unique.)
  • You will be consulting with and directly attended by an incorporated doctor spirit. During your consultation with the spirit you can clearly state your problem and what you are seeking, and the spirit will be responding to your specific request. If you seek better health, the spirit will analyse you, speak with you, treat you, and tangibly operate on you if necessary, in case you agree to it. There is no need to be concerned, not every intervention is a deep invasive surgery.
  • You will be witnessing the doctor-spirit phenomenon with your own eyes and while you are sitting in the current you will be witnessing the spirit consulting and operating on patients in ways deemed ‘impossible’ by modern medicine. This experience will make you redefine your understanding of life and possibly give you great encouragement.

Ask yourself ‘What is my priority?’

That self-conscious spirit entities treat the diseases of the sick seems amusing to some and unbelievable to others, but the truth is that the spiritually-rooted health treatment in Brazil is no joke and not to be taken light-heartedly.

If you seek treatment, it might help to go deep inside yourself, asking for what reason you would like to receive this particular aid. Is it because it sounds good, is it because it sounds convenient, is it because it is provided for free, is it because you do not need to offer anything in return? Are you sure that these are the right motives? What is it that drives you towards this aid? Simply wanting remote treatment because it is free of charge and appears convenient is not the proposition of this exceptional physio-spiritual healthcare.

The people who are seeking this exceptional spiritual care often have serious issues, many times having tried traditional medicine and various alternative therapies without success. Many of them come from far away, almost nobody lives near the doctor spirits’ premises.

The spirit entities apparently must ‘densen’ in order to bring their aid into this physical reality and effectuate cures and betterment. The doctor spirits say of themselves that they make great efforts to start and maintain this process.

In the end it come comes down to what you want. We must ask yourself ‘What are my priorities? Does this feel authentic to me? Do I want to go there? Do I want to allow the contingency of life to suffuse my body? Do I want to get better?’

When deciding for distance treatment, one can by no means expect measurable effects to an extent one would expect from direct treatment. Hence, one cannot be disappointed if distance treatment does not bring about the desired results. One still has the option to try the fully suffusive treatment right at the epicentre where the work of the doctor spirits perceptibly manifests.

Affordable guided tours

You can join in on a guided tour if you do not want to go on your own. These guided tours are very affordable and cheaper than other spiritual travels, well-being retreats, or workshops that one can find on the internet. The goal is to offer a viable and inexpensive option for those who seek treatment and for those who seek greater understanding and deeper connectedness of a truly outstanding spiritual phenomenon.

  • Receive treatment yourself, undergo any form of spiritual surgery if you wish
  • Eyewitness the astonishing spiritual health treatment and surgeries that most believe ‘impossible’
  • Ask questions to the doctor-spirit entity right in the moments when they treat and operate on patients
  • Talk with those individuals (mediums) into whom doctor-spirit entities incorporate
  • Learn what makes this treatment is so different from conventional and alternative therapies
  • Obtain insights that other patients, visitors, and even volunteers cannot

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