Vivified water
in spiritual treatment

Vivified water is drinking water to which 'spiritual medication' has been added. It is usually distributed among all attendees and volunteers who participate in spiritual treatment sessions at most Spiritist centres in Brazil. It is provided for free and it should not be considered a magic potion. The administration of vivified water is often termed 'fluid therapy'.

The name ‘vivified water’ stems from the Portuguese expression 'aqua fluidificada', whose transliteral meaning is 'fluidised water'. The idea is that the added spiritual medication has been transformed into a fluid state. This fluidization process is usually done by spirits during fluidization sessions.

Water is used as a carrying agent because it is one of Earth's 'simplest and most receptive materials’. It is a relatively neutral base, on which the spiritual medication can be imprinted with relative ease. The process is invisible to mortal eyes, and the patient's and benefactor’s good intentions are parts of the treatment and facilitate achieving the desired effect.

When drunk and absorbed by the body, the fluids project onto the organism and the diseased areas, and in this way serve to aid in the healing process. Some have put forward the assumption that vivified water expands the physical atoms causing the entrance of extra-physical atoms which are still unknown to humans.

Vivified water is not a replacement for pharmaceutical medication and herbal therapy and should not be used as such.

3 types of vivified water

  • Spiritual fluidization: The fluids are injected (without intermediates) directly onto the water. In spiritual fluidization, water does not receive magnetic fluids from an incarnate individual, but only those brought by spirits. Spiritual fluidization is most commonly used in Spiritist centres.
  • Magnetic fluidization: The medicated fluids are added to the water by the magnetic action of a person (incarnate) that holds their hands over the water and projects their own fluids.
  • Mixed fluidization: The fluids of the incarnate individual are mixed with the fluids brought by spirits.

The fluidization of water is independent of the presence of health-supporting mediums, since spirits can apply the fluids without intermediaries directly onto the water. Everyone can vivify water. What it needs is faith (see definition of faith) and concentration, thus projecting one’s fluids and receiving the help of the loving and ever-present spirituality.

Effects of water in the body

Water is a polar-compound molecule and easily absorbed in the human body. Therefore, taking advantage of some of its properties (surface tension, electrical conductivity and magnetic susceptibility), it is used as an agent in ‘fluid therapy’. All reactions that occur in our body are in aqueous solutions, and proteins, membranes, enzymes, mitochondria and hormones are only functional in the presence of this substance (water). Science calls water a ‘vital liquid’. Once swallowed, water may cause the following effects:

  • Inhibition of free radical formation, i.e. the reduction of cellular oxidative processes, the reduction of carbon dioxide production, acceleration of phagocytosis processes, increased production of lymphocytes (defence cells)
  • Greater mobility of sodium and potassium ions in the cellular membrane and improved cellular osmosis have a rejuvenating effect in the organism
  • The process of induced magnetic polarisation (magnetisation) of water in the body increases the capture and precipitation of excess calcium in the cellular environment

It is believed that, in spiritual treatment, vivified water, i.e. fluid therapy, has many benefits for the body by replenishing the person’s spiritual energy and renewing the perispiritual structure.