Spiritual treatment & spiritual surgery

In Brazil, so-called doctor spirits treat the diseases of the local population and a growing number of foreigners.
Health treatment in ways the mind can hardly ever imagine.
Spiritual treatment & spiritual surgery

Spiritual treatment is a distinct form of health treatment. It has the goal to achieve a cure or the significant remission of diseases and to establish physical and mental well-being in the treated person.

The most astounding and distinguishable element of spiritual treatment are the physically invasive spiritual surgeries, carried out by so-called doctor spirits. These operations appear unusual as the conventional biomedical model cannot account for them but medical researchers have proved them genuine and effective.

Spiritual treatment is largely offered free of charge as it is considered a charitable service to humanity. Hence, everybody can receive this special form of health-related care.

Spiritual surgery
Spiritual surgery is an element of spiritual treatment. The invasive interventions have been investigated by scientists and medical professionals but defy the current medical paradigm considerably.

Elements of spiritual treatment
There is no unified framework, the applied practices depend on the respective doctor-spirit-medium pair.