Surrogate spiritual surgery

In spiritual treatment
Surrogate spiritual surgery

Surrogate spiritual surgery is an invisible spiritual surgery in which the person who receives the surgical procedure has a surrogate – another individual who, for the surgery session, physically takes the place of the diseased person.

The diseased person usually is requested to lie in bed at home while the surrogate is attending the invisible surgery session at a given treatment centre. Both the patient and the surrogate ought to focus on what the patient’s request is.

All post-interventional steps, including the possible temporary dietary restrictions and the requested repose after the surgery, are usually on the person who is the receiver of the treatment, not the surrogate.

Surrogate spiritual surgery is a less common practice and apparently only a few centres do them. Instead of a surrogate surgery, people can often bring a photo of the patient at home which purportedly serves as a sufficient token for the doctor spirit to attend and treat the diseased person remotely.