Spiritual surgery


Spiritual surgery is an amazing invasive or non-invasive intervention carried out to treat and cure major diseases, chronic pain, and minor ailments – curable as well as 'incurable' – in order to establish good physical and mental health in the afflicted person. As a treatment practice it may seem unusual and startling but very convincing success has been reported many times, in particular for surgeries carried out by so-called tangibly working doctor-spirit entities.

Spiritual surgery should be provided free of charge as it is regarded an element of spiritual treatment and therefore a charitable service. All genuine doctor-spirit centres in Brazil provide some form of spiritual surgery – the invasive or the non-invasive procedure – free for all visitors, patients, and everyone else who is seeking treatment.

One could categorise spiritual surgery into five subsets: (1) invasive spiritual surgery, (2) non-invasive spiritual surgery, (3) invisible spiritual surgery, (4) distant spiritual surgery, and (5) surrogate spiritual surgery. The first three are said to be of similar benefit. The latter two are thought to be very effective too but there is no agreement whether these are as powerful as the former three.

The underlying proposition of spiritual surgery is that health problems and diseases often are reflections of the patient’s compromised spiritual existence. By treating the patient’s spiritual body, physical diseases and ailments can be cured. Hence, spiritual surgery is primarily thought to treat the patient’s perispirit or spirit, even when the actual operation is invasive, meaning the patient’s body is opened, incisions are made, tumours and tumorous tissue are removed, malpositioned bones are correct, etc.

Regardless of the kind of spiritual surgery, in most cases the patient is requested to temporarily follow a diet before and/or after the surgery. The dietary requirements differ widely and may not seem logical from a nutritional standpoint. At some doctor-spirit centres certain spices, meats, and beans are excluded; at others only black pepper, beef, and sweets. No matter if these rules seem logical or not, it is suggested to respect them and to abide by them as this is a good demonstration of one’s ableness to show commitment and seriousness towards the treatment that one receives.

Not all Spiritist centres that provide spiritual treatment in Brazil also provide spiritual surgery. In particular, invasive and non-invasive spiritual surgery is mainly provided at Spiritist centres where doctor spirits tangibly treat diseased and health seeking visitors.

Invasive spiritual surgery

Invasive spiritual surgery is a physical operation on the patient’s body. It is the most astounding and striking aspect of spiritual treatment and transcends human comprehension. Modern traditional medicine and science cannot satisfactorily explain them but have confirmed that these surgeries are genuine and can achieve amazing results. In order to execute an invasive spiritual surgery, a doctor spirit incorporates and tangibly acts through a medium, in this case a doctor-spirit medium.

Some key characteristics of invasive spiritual surgery

  • usually carried out openly in front of all patients and visitors
  • the incorporated, working doctor spirit executes the surgery right on the spot, without having met the patient before
  • the surgery is done without prior medical tests
  • no medical precaution, no anaesthetics, and antisepsis are employed
  • deep incisions into the flesh and body and significant tissue removal from inside the body without ensuing infections and without post-surgical complications
  • patients usually report to feel no or only little pain during these invasive surgeries
  • medical doctors have witnessed them many times and confirmed the authenticity of these physical interventions

Please note: Only a few doctor-spirit-medium pairs conduct these invasive operations and only with consent from the patient. Invasive spiritual surgery is not the norm. Every patient can choose a non-invasive spiritual surgery instead.

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Non-invasive spiritual surgery

Non-invasive spiritual surgery is a tangible operation without invasive actions.

A doctor spirit may use real scalpels, medical scissors, medical forceps or other instruments as surgical tools. These instrument may touch the patient’s skin but neither scratch nor wound the patient’s physical body otherwise.

Non-invasive surgery is said to have similar positive effects as invasive spiritual surgery because the focus is to treat the non-physical existence of the patient which then ‘travels down’ and reaches the patient’s physical body, hence effecting a cure.

Some of Brazil’s most popular doctor-spirit-mediums pairs only do non-invasive spiritual surgery and the many healing stories and testimonies affirm the validity of this procedure.

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Psychic surgery is not spiritual surgery

There is an often accepted and widespread misconception that spiritual surgery equals psychic surgery or psychic healing, which however appears false. The term ‘psychic’ relates to supernatural or paranormal capabilities of a human being. However, in spiritual surgery, the surgical procedure is purportedly carried out by a spirit or a group of spirits, whereas the human agent, i.e. the medium (if used) is under the control of the alleged doctor spirit.

When an invasive spiritual surgery is done, the observer can clearly watch and witness the invasive procedure. The cutting of the flesh, the dissection of tissue and other surgical actions are in no way concealed and are on purpose shown for investigation and scrutiny. The few studies that have been carried out by medical scientists have proved that the tissue removed during invasive spiritual surgery in fact stemmed from the respective patients.

See the comparison of psychic and spiritual surgery for more details.

Spiritual surgery is not strictly related to Spiritism

Although it is often stated that spiritual surgery is rooted in the Spiritist belief, the Spiritism doctrine – as established by Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail, who wrote five fundamental books about Spiritism under the pseudonym Allan Kardec – does not explicitly mention spiritual surgery or events that relate to such occurrences. Though, the basis of the Spiritist doctrine, which is that spirit entities exist and that humans reincarnate in various places, ‘shapes’, spheres, and dimensions, can serve as a philosophical framework.