Psychic surgery and spiritual surgery - similarities and differences

Spiritual surgery versus psychic surgery

Tangible spiritual surgery from Brazil’s doctor-spirit mediums and psychic surgery from the Philippine health treaters are different in several regards but purportedly enabled by the same source, which is attributed to the force of Christ within a Spiritist philosophy. The invasive surgical procedures are visibly at variance in their execution. The non-invasive procedures appear to be more similar.

Regretfully, both have been miscommunicated primarily by critics that have lumped these two practices together unjustifiably and ostensibly presented them as if they were one and the same phenomenon, simply labelling them ‘psychic surgery’. A terminology that was then picked up by the media and the general public. As a result, for the unacquainted mind the two practices appear to be the same and judged accordingly. However, they might be similar but not the same.

Note: The terms ‘doctor-spirit medium’ and ‘health treater’ are used here because neither the Brazilians nor the Filipinos would call themselves ‘healers’. Both say God is the only one who heals.

Contrasting spiritual surgery in Brazil and psychic surgery in the Philippines

Spiritual surgery
from Brazil’s doctor-spirit mediums
Psychic surgery
from the Philippine health treaters
An extensive concept of mediumship exists and many books in Portuguese and English among other languages address this notion. A concept of mediumship exists but the literature body apparently is little developed.
Mediumship concept
The human being serves as a vessel for an extra-physical existence. The treatment and its positive effects are attributed to an extra-physical existence. The human being serves as a vessel for an extra-physical existence. The treatment and its positive effects are attributed to an extra-physical existence.
Mediumship enablers
Charity, good moral conduct, ‘karmic readiness’ but the enabling factors appear at least in part non-logical to secular as well as spiritually educated minds. Meditation and concentration in the form of focussing mentally are claimed to be essential to work as a channel for effectuating the treatment.
Medium in a full-trance during the work
Reportedly yes, a few mediums report to be semi-conscious. Reportedly yes, a few mediums report to be semi-conscious.
Treatment period
In general, treatment takes time to manifest in the patient; spontaneous cures occur; no measurable treatment effect in some. In general, treatment takes time to manifest in the patient; spontaneous cures occur; no measurable treatment effect in some.
Treatment fee
Treatment should be free of charge and widely is; charging for it is unacceptable, against the underlying philosophy, and against the notion that this health treatment is charity. Some offer treatment for free but others, among them some prominent ones seem to charge for their service, possibly rates above US$ 50 for each session.
Medical and illness-related information for the patient
When treating the patient, a few inspiritised mediums provide considerably precise medical and illness-related information to the patient. It has been reported that some provide medical or illness-related information to the patient.
Surgical procedure
Can be a clear invasive procedure or a non-invasive procedure.

Most doctor spirits do not execute invasive practices.
Can be a purported invasive procedure or a non-invasive procedure.
Invasive surgical procedure (general)
Invasive spiritual surgery is carried out by some but not all inspiritised mediums.

Surgical and non-surgical tools like a scalpel or pocket knife are used to open the patient’s body visibly and provably; in some instances, the inspiritised medium might even open the patient’s body barehanded.

One can clearly see and observe the surgical incision being made and look inside the wound. It has been filmed many times and has stood up to all thinkable scrutiny.

These operations considerably contradict the current biomedical model but their execution has been confirmed by medical researchers repeatedly.

Importantly, no post-surgical complications such as infections or non-healing wounds have been reported although some inspiritised mediums easily carry out over 500 of these clearly invasive operations per year.
It is not clearly visible whether the patient’s physical body is being opened or not. Proponents who have accompanied the popular Filipino health treaters state it has been proved that the health treaters fingers or hands enter into the patient's body during the procedure. Therefore, it can be assumed that these interventions are indeed invasive, albeit difficult to grasp.

Usually, no tools are used; the health treater uses their hands.

The intruding fingers are usually hidden by the psychic surgeon’s own hand or a rag, cotton wool, etc.
Invasive surgical procedure (sutures and scares)
In case of invasive spiritual surgery, some inspiritised mediums forgo suturing deeper incisions others do, e.g. after a 200-gram lipoma removal, a profound surgery.

Wound healing appears to be significantly accelerated.
No post-surgical mark or only minor skin irritations, hence no sutures.
Invasive surgical procedure (removed tissue)
Unquestionably, the removal of body tissue such as tumorous growths, cysts, polyps, parts of organs, etc. is genuine and directly visible.

The removed tissue clearly stems from the patient and can be tested in the laboratory. This has been scrutinised and tested several times and thus has been confirmed that the removed tissue stemmed from the patient.
The removed tissue hardly reminds of actual body tissue. Often the removed mass is soggy and dark or dark and dry. In some cases the removed tissue seems to be actual body tissue, bone parts, cartilage or lipomas.
Non-invasive surgical procedure
Non-invasive spiritual surgery is more common than invasive spiritual surgery and in some cases might look similar to non-invasive psychic surgery. Non-invasive psychic surgeries are carried out and they might look similar to non-invasive spiritual surgery at times.
Fake surgery
Extremely difficult to fake and invasive spiritual surgery; no one has been able to disprove the invasive spiritual surgeries. The conjurer and self-acclaimed master sceptic James Randy has demonstrated that a psychic surgery can be faked. However, his demonstration should be taken with a grain of salt. The studies done on the health treaters Jun Labo and Alex Orbito have shown that their treatment is authentic.
Love, forgive, and charity Love and forgive
Quintessential force of treatment
Reference and attribution to God and Christ Reference and attribution to God and Christ
Unquestionably, a viable treatment option. Unquestionably, a viable treatment option.
Guaranty of a cure
The human condition is too complex for such a promise. “It is God who heals.”

The cure is upon the merit from God.
The human condition is too complex for such a promise. “It is God who heals.”

The information about the Filipino health treaters has been collected through books, documentaries, video clips, filmed interviews, and research-orientated articles. When there is time and resources to directly investigate them, a more erudite comparison will be provided.

Philippine-style psychic surgery also in Brazil

At present (as at 2019), at least one medium in Brazil exists whose surgical approach and practices seem much the same as the psychic surgeries in the Philippines.

The medium is located in the south-eastern region of Brazil. His left leg was paralysed at age two when he suffered from poliomyelitis. His mediumship and his work have not changed this. The incorporating spirit entity is a female spirit. To those who have not had any touchpoints with Brazilian’s spiritual treatment or other above-ordinary spiritual events, the treatment sessions can appear ‘odd’. That is, the spirit demands the medium to wear nun clothes during the session and his voice’s pitch is raised when speaking. These outside-the-stereotypical-patterns of spirituality my invite for increased suspicion. But when scrutinising the practices, this suspicion is going to vanish.

The surgeries and the tissue purportedly removed from inside the patient – often dark and soggy or dry and crusty – is very reminiscent of those in the Philippines. He sometimes uses scissors or tweezers which the Filipinos usually do not.

The philosophy that underlies the treatment

In both, the Brazilian and the Philippine domains, the concept of mediumship, spirit entities (not to be imagined as a translucent silhouette flying around humans), and the force of Christ as a quintessential element of the divine are acknowledged.

The Spiritist philosophy has resonated substantially with the populations of both countries at the turn of the beginning of the 20th century and is still present today. While in the Philippines it appears to enjoy less popularity than 100 years ago, in Brazil the number of people who ascribe to Spiritist beliefs keeps growing, slowly but steadily. The Christian Bible seems to serve more as a reference used by the Philippine health treaters whereas in Brazil, the books ‘The Spirits’ Book’ and ‘The Gospel according to Spiritism’ might be used as a reference, though, with the Bible as the fundamental work. Health treaters in both worlds pray The Lord’s Prayer and other Christian prayers as part of the treatment sessions.

A final word

Importantly, both the doctor spirits in Brazil and the health treaters in the Philippines have impressed and astounded researchers and medical investigators with their surgical practices and astonishing outcomes. Both can effectuate amazing recoveries and betterment of physical disease and mental disorders. Hence, both have their raisons d'être and are viable options, and even more so in case that other treatment options are exhausted.

IMPORTANT: When you seek treatment, make sure that you are attended by a genuine doctor-spirit medium or health treater. There are scammers in both domains and they must be avoided.

In the future, both approaches will be more profoundly contrasted.