The pass-on

In spiritual treatment

The pass-on is a practice that is often part of spiritual treatment. It is understood as a transmission of two different kinds of fluids, passed on by a person and a helping spirit entity onto another person. The goal is to encourage spiritual strength and support as well as better well-being in the receiving individual. It is assumed that the transmission of the fluids is strongly promoted by the volition of the donating human and the donating spirit as well as the volition of the one who receives the fluids.

The concept of the transmitted fluids is as follows. On the one hand there are the so-called 'magnetic fluids'. These stem from the person providing the pass-on and they are inherent in human nature. On the other hand there are the so-called 'spiritual fluids'. The spiritual fluids stem from the helping spirit entity that contributes in the pass-on session. It has been suggested that the magnetic fluids adhere to the principles of magnetism and may be measurable in some way whereas the spiritual fluids are purely from the incorporeal world and therefore cannot be measured in ways electromagnetism, heat, etc. are metered.

The pass-on is a commonly adopted practice in most Spiritist centres in Brazil and may be provided by [inspiritised]](/inspiritance) mediums, non-inspiritised mediums, or even volunteers whose mediumistic skills have yet to advanced into tangibility. As an element of spiritual treatment, the pass-on usually is provided free of charge, in line with the Spiritist philosophy that spiritual treatment is charity.

Regarding the pass-on's application, it is applied to balance physical and psychic disharmonies, to replace deleterious fluids with beneficial fluids, to equilibrate both correctly functioning and damaged cells, and to promote the harmonization of neural structures that enable the state of mental and intellectual lucidity.

The pass-on is usually provided through the hands, which are held out with the palms facing the recipient but not touching him or her. Other ways to provide a pass-on is by looking or blowing at the recipient, which often is the case in spiritual treatment that does not adhere to the Spiritist philosophy such as 'Umbanda'. In the case of distance treatment, ‘mental transmission’ is recognised as a legitimate practice.

Last but not least, the pass-on is an aid in spiritual care and not to be deemed a substitution for medical treatment and therapies.