Non-invasive spiritual surgery

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Non-invasive spiritual surgery

Non-invasive spiritual surgery is an operation tangibly carried out by a doctor spirit without ‘wounding’ the physical body of the patient and arguably very good results.

During the procedure, the doctor spirit remains incorporated in the medium. In some cases, the doctor spirit uses surgical instruments such as scalpels, medical scissors, forceps or needles, but would only indicate the surgery on top of the patient’s skin not injuring it.

Non-invasive spiritual surgery is said to have the same effect as invasive spiritual surgery. It is the patient’s spiritual existence that is treated and which then modulates the patient’s physical health, thus facilitating or achieving a cure. It is not unusual that the surgery is accompanied by herbal therapy or a vivified water regime.

A normal non-invasive surgery lasts 10 to 45 seconds and each doctor-spirit-medium pair has their own method and way of working. While executing the surgery, some doctor spirits look like imitating a real surgery while others ‘cut in the aura’ of the patient.

Although no cuts etc. are being made during the procedure, the doctor spirits are often accompanied by a group of volunteers that will bandage the areas where the patient was operated on. Watching these non-invasive surgeries may seem amusing to the unacquainted observer because of the unusual appearance of the procedure, though it should be taken seriously as it has been successfully used for decades.

Some doctor spirits, who only carry out non-invasive spiritual surgery, have demonstrated and proved that they can easily carry out a thorough invasive procedure. Their standpoint is that since the effect of a non-invasive and invasive procedure are the same, there is no need to wound the body and even more important, it is possible to treat more patients in the same period of time.

Almost all Spiritist centres at which doctor spirits tangibly assume responsibilities offer non-invasive spiritual surgery as part of their charitable spiritual treatment efforts.