Spiritual treatment in Brazil - first documentary filmed & edited - launch to be decided

It is a matter of fact that the information about the astonishing spiritually-rooted health treatment in Brazil is scarce. This applies to the anglophone as well as the Portuguese speaking world. In the few videos and documentaries produced, it has never really been the incorporated spirit entity that speaks extensively and conveys their opinion. This time, it will be different.

Over the course of 2018, the spirit of Dr. Fritz was accompanied by the auther of STorg and it was possible to capture scenes of Dr. Fritz treating the sick, performing invasive and non-invasive spiritual surgeries, consulting with health seekers, and admonishing each single visitor about the essence of the treatment that he and his phalanx of entities provide.

The upcoming documentary contains tremendous material of unseen and unreported events and might help one or the other to better understanding what this treatment and its purpose is.

How, when, and where this documentary will be released is to be decided, still. Updates on the progress will be posted here on STorg's news section.

About the author

Hello, I'm Johannes –
I have investigated the doctor spirits at many different places across Brazil for many years, on and off. If I had not seen the doctor spirits’ work with my own eyes I would have never believed that such things are possible. It is my ambition to make this tremendous treatment accessible to others without romanticising the topic but to better understand, de-prejudice, and reasonably utilise it.
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