Brazil's latest medium for the spirit of Dr. Adolph Fritz

Witnessing a doctor spirit incorporating into a medium and tangibly treating diseased individuals has and always is a magical experience. In particular when, at the same time, some other visitors to the treatment centre assert to have been cured soley through the treatment they received form the spirit entity Dr. Fritz.

During a 3 weeks' trip in the south of Brazil, it was possible for the first time to directly witness medium Mauro Viera serving as a conduit for the spirit. Medium Mauro is the latest medium that, under the control of the spirit entity Dr. Fritz, conducts the yet-not-understood invasive-spiritual surgeries. This much welcome and delightful fact further supports the notion that Brazil, with its plentifulness of self-conscious spirit entities, mediums, and an exceptional form of spiritual health treatment, is the (spiritual) hospital of the world.

The story of how Dr. Fritz presented himself to medium Mauro and how he convinced him to serve as his physical apparatus is intriguing and amusing. More details about the work of Dr. Fritz through medium Mauro will be made public at a later point in time here on STorg in the doctor spirits & mediums section.

About the author
Hello, I'm Johannes –
I have investigated the doctor spirits at many different places across Brazil for many years, on and off. If I had not seen the doctor spirits’ work with my own eyes I would have never believed that such things are possible. It is my ambition to make this tremendous treatment accessible to others without romanticising the topic but to better understand, de-prejudice, and reasonably utilise it.
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