Needles in spiritual treatment

In spiritual treatment, needles are only used by doctor spirits who incorporate into a medium and tangibly treat patients.

Being very different from acupuncture, the logic behind the needles seems ‘simpler’. The application of needles does not follow a conceptional pattern such as nerve paths and the needles may be applied directly in the area of disease, e.g. sticking a tiny needle into a lipoma or cyst.

The theory is that the needles are used to encourage the flow between the patient’s spiritual fluids and fluids of the spiritual plane. Some doctor spirits explain the fluids’ paths and how the inserted needles will help to correct them. One needle is supposed to have the same effect as a few, several, or even many needles a time. Those doctor spirits who make use of needles coherently explain that the application of needles is only because the patient wants to feel something or expects some sensation.

The needles are usually very small and the incorporated doctor spirits quickly prick them into the patient’s body, for example during the time a given patient is consulting with the given spirit. It is not unusual that a doctor spirit treats between 60 to 80 patients this way in an hour.