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The phenomenon of doctor spirits and their health treatment is as mind-boggling as it is marvellous and fascinating. The spirits of deceased doctors, monks, saints, and indigenous awe and awe-inspire multitudes through their doing and deeds. The topic is new, the case is strong, and the narrative is as captivating as it can possibly be.

There are many unknown stories, anecdotes, and experiences to share that impress the curious as well as the sceptics and naysayers. Hence, let’s bemuse, entertain, and illuminate your audience.

To request a talk, simply reach out to me by email or through the contact form.

Topics tailored to your event and purpose

The kind of presentation given depends on your event and what you are looking for. If your goal is to entertain your audience, this can be done. If your goal is to stir serious research interest or to expand the knowledge about spiritual phenomena, this can be done too. The presentation will be tailored to your intended target group, such as independent and public gatherings, private events, business and congresses audiences, the scientific community, and other special-purpose groups.

Although the doctor spirits’ treatment is charity, as with other charity programmes many bridges can be built to real-life business practices and their execution – marketing & communication, customer relations, quality of service, USPs etc. – hence making these presentations and talks an interesting, amusing, and insightful experience for your audience that will reboost their drive and aspirations.

Unseen photo series and footage

Much of the images and footage shown throughout the presentations have been captured and collected over a long period of time up to the present day and have never been made available – neither in books nor on the internet. This way, the imagery and footage, intertwined into a breath-taking and fun story guarantee a positively astounded and enthralled audience.

Remuneration and expenses

Most talks and presentations are free of charge. You would have to cover my travel and accommodation expenses as well as food and beverages – nothing extraordinary. For events that are related to business, I would ask for fair remuneration for my work. The full remuneration will be used for continuing the project behind

Values clause

I would like to reserve the right to reject certain speaking engagement invites if I feel that the hosting organization’s tenets are in strong opposition to my values. I must feel comfortable that you agree with promoting common sense, reason, compassion, and integrity, and opposing all kinds of sexism, racism, homophobia, and transphobia.

Simply contact me if you are thinking of a lecture, talk, or presentation about spiritual treatment at your event or in case you would generally like to discuss such an opportunity.