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The treatment and surgeries performed by the alleged doctor spirits are no panacea where people are guaranteed a physical or mental cure, regardless of the many healings and positive turns of events that happen through the efforts they make.

Some people might be cured instantaneously or quickly. Others’ conditions might improve or be healed over time. And some others might not notice a positive effect from the treatment.

The doctor spirits want the best for everybody who asks them for help. Despite their impressive skills and the physical interventions, the doctor spirits are foremostly concerned with the patient’s spirit. Their work is health-focused spiritual treatment that in turn might positively modulate the patient’s physical and mental health.

If you suspect that you have a disease, or a health-related or health-compromising condition of any kind, you should contact your responsible health professional immediately. You are advised that no official medical institution or organisation has recognised spiritual treatment and spiritual surgery and that these are no replacement for professional medical and psychological care.

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