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I am Johannes,
(pronounced as in Tokyo + hard + nest --> 'Yohanes')

I am a normal person like most people on this planet and somewhat conditioned by ‘German thought rigidity’. I graduated with a Master of Science degree in Psychology from University of Westminster in London (UK) and worked as a marketing manager for a living. I enjoy science and I appreciate the effort, the disputes, and the brain power that has helped humanity to get so far – this positively humbles me every single day.

Personally, I abstain from trying to explain the doctor spirits and their treatment through quantum physical processes or similar ideas. Moreover, I believe, based on the matter of attestable facts, it is false to claim that doctor spirits and their mediums are ‘psychic surgeons’ or ‘faith healers’. I rather believe that we should really try to understand the phenomenon and its effectiveness for treating diseases and disorders.

I am not against western medicine and I have great certainty that forthcoming advancements in research and technology will help many people on this planet.

Importantly, I do not claim that the doctor spirits’ treatment is the only way to success. Also, I do not claim that the doctor-spirit entities can help to make a cure manifest in everybody. Equally, neither the doctor spirits nor the respective mediums have never claimed that they would be able to. The human condition is too complex for such a promise. Therefore, they should not be called 'healers' and the treatment centres should not be called 'healing centers'.

Ph.D. in neuropsychology, clinical psychology, neuroscience

I would like to pursue a Ph.D. programme in neuropsychology, neuroscience, or clinical psychology that catches my interest, possibly researching into the neurological or physiological correlates of normative and altered states of mind. My master’s thesis focused on the influence of subliminal visual stimuli on humans' decision making, an experimental study. I coded the entire experiment in Matlab and Psytoolbox3 on Windows7 as there were too many hiccups with Octave on Linux. Here is the abstract of my MSc screed:

TITLE: One more mixed blessing? Working memory operates on affective but not on conceptual subliminal information

ABSTRACT: Classically, it was believed that working memory (WM) operates on information an individual is consciously aware of. However, growing evidence suggests that WM can operate on non-conscious information. The present experimental study used a between-subjects factorial design with N = 14 participants in order to directly compare discrimination performance on subliminally presented (11.7 ms) conceptual and affective stimuli. For affective stimuli, the results indicate that WM may be able to access and operate on subliminal information in the form of a female face that either expresses anger, happiness, or neutrality. No effect was found in the conceptual condition using Gabor gratings as stimuli. Participant's self-reported awareness and confidence ratings did not indicate better performance in both conditions. The here presented findings are partly in contrast with previous research. In order to yield more conclusive results it was suggested that future experiments may track learning, habituation, and attention in an attempt to control for potential, yet not considered confounding factors.

Please contact me if you consider any possible research opportunities or collaborations, even if unrelated to my PhD programme search. Also, if you have queries of any kind, please get in touch.

If it comes to a PhD programme, I promise that I will be an eager and diligent candidate!

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