Invisible spiritual surgery

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Invisible spiritual surgery

Invisible spiritual surgery is a non-invasive intervention that cannot be directly observed as the doctor spirit conducts the operation on the patient ‘in spirit’. Often, a group of people may receive this kind of spiritual surgery at once whereas the spirit attends each single person in that group.

Invisible spiritual surgery normally is a quiet session that might last only a few minutes or more with the patients lying on gurneys or sitting on benches or chairs, having their eyes closed, and focusing on what they seek. It is not uncommon that the spirit-controlled medium briefly accompanies such a session and calmly speaks a few sentences, often finishing with the words ‘For that all these children’s illnesses are cured in the name of Jesus.’ These sessions are very humble in their expression and do not involve any utterance or proclamations of surrendering oneself to a religious doctrine.

A quantifiable number of people report that they can feel something working on them during the time of the surgery but have difficulties to describe this complex and multi-faceted sensation. They say that something manifests physically in their bodies and cuts, twists, pulls, pushes or drills inside and outside, often in the location of illness. Others say that it feels like hands purposefully mess around inside and outside the body or a feeling of ants running through the body. In some patients, such sensations continue although the surgery has finished. Overall, these sensations are described as blissful, vibrant, vivid, and an intelligently correcting vortex-like movement in the body.

When an invisible spiritual surgery is finished all receivers are requested to go rest. The duration of repose differs from treatment centre to treatment centre.

Many Spiritist centres in Brazil offer invisible spiritual surgery as part of their free spiritual treatment provision.

At almost all centres where doctor spirits palpably execute invasive spiritual surgeries, invisible surgeries are conducted too. Some of these centres have a special sugery room while others simply use the audience hall.