Invasive spiritual surgery

In spiritual treatment
Invasive spiritual surgery

Invasive spiritual surgery is an awing, witnessable, real surgical operation conducted to treat and cure a person's disease, disorder, or chronic pain. It is always provided free of charge and its results are considered very convincing. Among many other non-invasive treatment practices, invasive spiritual surgery is the most striking element of spiritual treatment and considerably unprecedented in its execution.

In many ways, invasive spiritual surgery transcends human comprehension and the current scientific paradigm because no medical precaution and safety procedures are relied on. The person who actually operates on the sick individual is called a ‘medium’ and generally has no medical education or training. The notion is that the medium only serves as a physical vessel for a non-physical self-conscious entity, a so-called doctor spirit. It is this doctor spirit that controls the medium for a limited time in order to palpably execute the invasive intervention in an open, observable, and testable fashion. These invasive surgeries are not a one-off phenomenon and take place regularly. At some doctor-spirit centres there are up to 20 or more of these surgeries conducted in a single day.

Modern traditional medicine and science have great difficulties to account for these events but investigative medical doctors have confirmed that these surgeries are genuine and that they can bring about amazing cures, sometimes even in cases in which conventional medial surgery has failed or is inapplicable.

The concept and practice of invasive spiritual surgery might appear odd or even frightening to the unacquainted mind, but its application and effectiveness can hardly be dismissed and should be more profoundly investigated as it has consistently yielded very contenting results in innumerous cases.

Key characteristics of invasive spiritual surgery

  • The invasive spiritual surgery is usually carried out openly in front of all patients and visitors.
  • The patient is conscious during the entire procedure, can be talked with and will reply meaningfully.
  • The doctor spirit normally executes the surgery right on the spot, never having met the patient before.
  • The spirit-controlled medium usually makes clearly visible, deep incisions into the patient’s body
  • Significant tissue removal from inside the patient’s body without ensuing infections or post-surgical complications; the removed tissue can be examined in a laboratory to verify that it stems from the patient
  • The surgery is done without prior medical testing and without medical precautions, i.e. no anaesthetics and no antisepsis.
  • There is no hypnosis and no incantation, no mind or consciousness altering rituals, no trance-enforcing actions, no dancing, and no drug use. There are no sacrifices being made, neither animals nor material objects.
  • Often, the surgeries are carried out quicker than a trained surgical team could it in the hospital, in particular when removing tumours.
  • Every step of the surgery is clearly visible and can be observed, followed and recorded on video; there is no sleight of hand by the operating medium (who is under the control of a given doctor spirit at that time).
  • The surgical instruments are usually not sterilised, instead they are usually dipped in water that has been ‘vivified’ by the spirit beforehand.
  • From a medical standpoint, the surgeries can be very complex and sometimes even be deemed impossible by medical doctors who come to witness the surgeries themselves.
  • Patients usually report to feel no or only little pain during the surgery.
  • Healing of wounds and recovery are exceptionally quick, many times reported and testified.
  • The doctor-spirit medium has no knowledge of medicine and physiology and has never received medical training.
  • Patients from all social backgrounds: the poor and the wealthy, among them medical doctors, lawyers, celebrities, politicians, and businessmen undergo invasive spiritual surgery in Brazil.
  • Invasive spiritual surgery is free of charge – it is charity work from spirit entities for humanity.

According to incorporated doctor spirits who conduct invasive spiritual surgery, such exceptionally seeming interventions are possible because the spirit can manipulate matter to a certain extent. A doctor spirit is to be imagined as a self-conscious vibration that can somewhat manipulate matter rather than being a translucent human appearance circling around humans in dark nights. The doctor spirits also coherently state that the physical intervention is only for the visual proof. The ‘real surgery’ happens on levels beyond the perception of the five human senses.

At present, circa twelve locations are known at which such operations are conducted in Brazil. Each of these centres is independent and has little or no awareness and knowledge of the existence and happenings at the other centres.

At some places, the doctor spirit, tangibly working through the medium, does over 30 invasive surgeries in a single day before treating the less urgent cases. It is mainly Brazilians who undergo such treatment but an increasing number of foreigners seek treatment and betterment of their health too.

Although invasive spiritual surgery is very successful and almost sounding ‘magical’, it should not be considered the panacea of all disease. All doctor spirits clearly say that they attempt their best but that they are not God.

Invasive spiritual surgery is not the norm and every patient can choose a non-invasive spiritual surgery instead, the positive effect for the patient’s health is supposed to be similar. According to the doctor spirits, the reason for openly and palpably executing such surgeries is for humans to take notice, because they would not believe if they did not have clear, perceptible proof.