The fluids
in spiritual treatment

The fluids – something moving and crawling through one’s head, body, and limbs – are not visible to the eye but physically perceived by many who undergo the marvellous spiritually-rooted health treatment provided free of charge at certain treatment centres in Brazil. Even obdurate sceptics who come to investigate the medical-spirit phenomenon, the treatment practices, and the yet-unexplained invasive spiritual surgeries, testify of these flow-like sensations entering and permeating their bodies.


The fluids in spiritual treatment

One of the most surprising effects of the amazing spiritual treatment provided in Brazil is the perceived physicalness of the fluids in the patient’s body. Scores of people, who undergo spiritual treatment and who can be considered sober-minded and conservative in their worldview, state that something flow-like is working in, on, and around them. They say and swear by God that they physically feel ‘something’ flowing and crawling through and around their bodies, moving in intelligent ways, cutting, pushing, pulling, spinning, and twisting, sometimes moving more gently other times more abruptly and rapidly, especially in the region of illness and those connected to it. Even when the treatment session is over, many say that these strange but delightful sensations continue long after the actual treatment sessions.

These flow-like sensations are described as being a pleasant feeling, like a massage that goes beyond the skin and deep into the body. It may become so intensive that people’s attention automatically shifts towards it and that taking the attention away from this pleasant and intriguing events demands an active effort by the experiencer. The flowing into the head and/or body might cause physical reactions such as increased twitches, non-critical spasm, the feeling of ant colonies wandering, tingling, inner throbs, and inner flutter.

Through conversations with hundreds of people, these sensations seem to be a common phenomenon and a non-scientific estimate would be that between 4 to 6 in 10 people perceive the fluids to varying degrees. Some only over short periods of time or only during the treatment session itself. Others report that the fluid-like sensations have never stop once they started.

Altogether, perceiving the fluids suffusing one’s body is one of the most promising signs of being under the treatment provided by the medical entities. The fluids perceptible work and correct problems in the physical body and often evoke the release of strong emotions, ensuing feelings of tremendous ease and relief. At that stage, no more words are needed to explain what is happening to the experiencing individual as he or she will automatically gain indescribable insights as the fluids’ work intensifies.

The fluids beyond treatment – evolving mediumship

The sensation of something crawling through the body and lingering for hours in certain regions where it seems to permeate, warp, and work on the physical and non-physical constituents of a human being seems extraordinarily strange to the general mind. However, to Brazilian Spiritists, this feeling is as normal as breathing, eating, and sleeping and is rather common than unusual. The perceivable effects of the fluids are so normal to many Brazilian Spiritists that by saying ‘My mediumship is evolving.’ many Spiritists quite understand that one is referring to the effects the fluids have on the body. There is nothing extraordinary to it. Many feel it and very likely many more will be perceiving and experiencing the effects of the fluids in the future.

The fluids described in Allan Kardec’s book ‘Genesis’

In Brazil, Allan Kardec (Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail), the man who extensively collated and ordered information from and about spirit entities and organised his findings into five books, has devoted several pages to the fluids in his book ‘Genesis – The Miracles and Predictions According to Spiritism’ (Chapter XIV).

In Kardec’s book it is suggested that the fluids act on the physical body directly. However, others, including some doctor spirits, say that the fluids act on the patient’s perispirit – the interface between the person’s physical body and their soul – and from there it would positively impact the physical body.

Kardec makes various assumptions about the fluids using magnetism and electricity – which are two sides of the same coin – as conceptual analogies. To what extent these are correct cannot be determined at present but considering the time in which he lived, these concepts matched best with his hypothesis of the fluids. Similarly, several Brazilian Spiritist authors have written about the fluids but there is only moderate agreement on their concepts.

What Kardec does not mention is that there are credible indications that a human being can actually perceive these fluids or at least the effect of them. Spiritual treatment, as it is available and common in Brazil for decades, was unheard of in Kardec’s lifetime. Also, there are no mentions of spirit entities treating people’s diseases in unfathomable ways.

The fluids - not necessarily explained by the quantum phenomena

Within the spiritual community there has been and still is a well-pronounced tendency to directly relate certain concepts from the realm of quantum physics to spirituality and the atomic world, using these concepts in order to argue for a spiritual existence. Such relation-conjecturing is highly contentious. Eventually, quantum mechanics and spirituality are directly intertwined but it is equally likely that they are not. Just because the mind or directed thought seems to influence a quantum experiment or a random number generator to a measurable but small degree, it does not mean that the quantum space is a valid argument for the existence of spirituality, as it might be the extra-physical that constitutes quantum space. This would not necessarily mean that events in the spiritual world directly and completely translate into the quantum world, similar to quantum effects not completely unfolding in the atomic word. The latter with regard to physicists’ observations.

Enquiry into the fluids

It is unlikely that current theoretical concepts and technical instruments will allow for scientifically investigating the existence of ‘the fluids’ – not now and very likely not in the foreseeable future. Until our conceptual and technological capabilities advance beyond this point, the investigations into this matter will be very limited.

Instead of attempting to study the fluids directly, the attention could first be directed at quantifying the symptoms that people report independently of each other. There is a considerable overlap in these reports, hence it is likely that the prevalence of these symptoms in the physical body can be measured and the resulting data may be more convincing than studies into health conditions that are not clear-cut.

Further, opportunities to enquire into the fluids might involve speaking with credible doctor-spirit entities during the time that they remain incorporated in a medium as well as unfacilitated reporting by people who are under treatment. The number of people who feel the fluids physically manifesting in, on, and around their body is significant and surely sufficient to develop a concept that allows for measuring and better understanding the effect of the fluids on the physical body, how they positively influence disease states.

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