On the verge of feasibility – managing expectations

When doctor spirits treat the diseases of the living

All documented doctor spirits say that ‘they are not God and that there is only so much they can do’. Unfortunately, this very important fact has largely remained unreported by spiritual proponents and opponents alike. As a consequence, it seems only logical to address feasibility when speaking about doctor spirits and their arguably remarkable health treatment.

When saying ‘the verge of feasibility’, it is not meant that it is impossible to successfully treat certain conditions. Rather, what is meant is that the success of treatment, based on my observational judgement, seems lower when compared to other curable and ‘incurable’ conditions that are taken care of by the doctor spirits. The sad truth is that some not receive the physical cure they seek. Some situations are presumably more complex than we can imagine and we might not trigger the right switches; or worse, their even might be no switches to be triggered – it is complex.

The present article is a brief report of observations and should not be taken as a comprehensive guideline for what conditions are deemed treatable by doctor spirits and which are not. Still, the provided information ought to help objectivise this delicate topic.

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Severe soft tissue infections

Soft tissue infections are usually caused by bacteria, such as staphylococci or streptococci that are commonly present on the skin. The infection develops when there is damage to the skin. This allows bacteria to enter the skin and grow, causing infection and swelling. In some cases, the tissue infection can be severe and lead to extreme swelling of the infected area. Such cases might be difficult to treat from a medical standpoint and the infection and swelling might stay for years or until the end of person’s. Severe soft tissue infections often complicate sufferers’ lives.

Necrotizing soft tissue infections (NSTIs) are the most extreme and severe skin and soft tissue infections. These infections are rapidly spreading and can progress an inch or more per hour with extensive tissue necrosis as a result. Necrotising infections are often called ‘flesh-eating disease’ due to their rapid expansion in the body, which literally eats up living tissue.

At least four anecdotal cases come into mind with regard to severe tissue infections in which the doctor spirits’ treatment could not effectuate betterment.

Two men in their mid-thirties to mid-forties, each of them with an infected lower leg for several years. The lower leg, ankle and foot were significantly swollen and at least double the volume of the other leg. One was treated in Salvador da Bahia in April 2015 and the other one in Rio de Janeiro in July and November 2018. Unfortunately, the men’s conditions did not change.

Two elderlies, a man and woman, probably in their mid-seventies or older, each of them had a severe infection on one side in their face. In both cases the infection had already eaten up parts of the cheek bones so that one could easily look into the oral cavity although they had their mouth closed. One was treated in Salvador de Bahia early into 2018 and the other in Rio de Janeiro in July 2018. Presumably, their condition did not improve.

NOTE: Exemplary images of these infections can be found on the internet but images of this condition may be shocking and disturbing and not necessarily something someone wants to view.

Fully severed nerves and paraplegia

There are several books and websites that report on the doctor spirits, usually focusing more on the doctor-spirit medium than the spirits themselves. Some of these reports contain one could say unfavourable phrases such as ‘he [the medium] made the paraplegic walk again’ or ‘he makes the blind see again’.

Such formulations are on the verge of being overstatements. To my knowledge and according to my own research, I am not aware of any case where a person was in the unfortunate situation of being paraplegic because of fully severed spinal cord nerves and then would recuperate and walk again after having undergone treatment.

The cases of wheelchair users that, through the help of doctor spirits’ treatment started to walk again were people who suffered from neurological and autoimmune diseases. Thus, the expectation that somebody who relies on a wheelchair due to a fully severed spinal cord would see a doctor spirit and after some time walk like a general healthy person is well optimistic.

Significant brain damage and oxygen deprivation

A severely damaged brain or brain regions, through an accident, prolonged oxygen deprivation, or surgical removal of substantial brain tissue, will very like not be fully restored simply by receiving treatment from a doctor spirit.

An example of bad journalistic work, is that of a German TV channel, that accompanied a woman who, after a devastating car accident, was left in an electric wheelchair with her cognitive and motoric capacity severely impaired. The woman needed 24-hour assistance and could not do anything herself. The report pejoratively suggested that a ‘faith healer in Brazil’ could allegedly bring about ‘miracles’ but then conveyed great disappointment that the woman, after her 2-weeks’ stay, had shown no substantial improvements or restored her health to levels before the accident. Needless to mention that the idea of the TV report was not a balanced presentation of the doctor spirits’ work rather than showcasing the production team’s pre-existent, pejorative opinion.

For such extreme cases as the German car accident victim progress is slow but the chances are good that with treatment from the doctor spirits, progress is better than without.

There are cases of recuperation after severe brain lesions. For example, a young man who was involved in an almost fatal car accident at the age of 22 (or 23). After the car accident he visited the centre of the spirit of Dom Inacio de Loyola in Abadiania for 6 weeks every year together with his caring father. Six or seven years on, in February 2007, at age 28 or 29, he still came back and he said that every time he goes there, his progress is accelerated. Whether this progress is attributed to psychological effects or the treatment has not been measured but the odds are good that the doctor spirit’s treatment valuable contributed to the progress.

To further the understanding, parents who come with their children, who suffer from hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE), a type of brain damage that occurs when an infant’s brain doesn’t receive enough oxygen and blood, report that the doctor spirits’ treatment seems to positively affect their kids. What they report is intriguing. Their kids, who may have developmental delays, epilepsy, cognitive issues, motor skill development delays and problems, and neuro-developmental delays because of HIE become more attentive, their responses to their environment are more meaningful, their perception of the environment seems elevated and their general apathy seems reduced. They seem to take more part in life but so far do not recover to full health. Many of those parents believe that the positive effects are due to the treatment the kids receive.

Nearsightedness and non-critical vision problems

Minor visual problems such as non-critical nearsightedness or astigmatism seem not to improve markedly. There is one or the other report of somebody stating that their eyesight has improved through doctor spirits’ treatment, but overall it should not be expected.

On the other hand, treatment of eye conditions such as glaucoma seem to be reasonably effective. Without investigating this specifically, there are several accounts of patients who have reported that their glaucoma condition was resolved and that their responsible ophthalmologists were surprised by the positive development. In July 2018, in Rio de Janeiro, two women independently reported that after the first treatment with Dr. Fritz (through medium Kleber Aran) their vision became better in a matter of a few days, respectively. There was no time to look at the medical assessment that were previously done but these two women, independently, promised that they were saying the truth.

Also, ocular hypertension (increased pressure within the eye), appears to be treated effectively. A patient who started treatment with Dr. Fritz in Salvador da Bahia reported that his ocular hypertension had normalised after a few treatment sessions. Before the treatment, his eye pressures value was greater than 26 mmHg and normalised to 16 mmHg. Upon asking the man if he also received medical treatment or if he would take any kind of medicinal pills or eye drops, he declined and said, “I have only undergone treatment here from Dr. Fritz, nothing else.”

Evaluating feasibility – a future endeavour

In general, case reports that were collected by myself (Johannes) and even more by several book authors in the past are a good indication of what can be achieved through the doctor spirits’ treatment. But it is not enough for drawing a straight and bold line for ‘what is more likely and what is less likely’. As a consequence, moving forward, more data must be collected beyond single case documentation.

With more treatment and patient-related data available, patterns might emerge that enable us to better determine the effectiveness of the doctor spirits’ treatment, which ultimately would lead to reduced uncertainty but better management of expectations – no unfounded overstatements, no groundless understatements but a reasonable assessment.

To assess the work of the doctor spirits is part of STorg’s vision to document, understand, and communicate the doctor spirits’ treatment, making it accessible for people of all social classes and backgrounds. Whether people would like to take up this opportunity is with them, but why not giving it a try when all other options seem exhausted.

A note from the author

As the principal author of all content on SpiritualTreatment.org, I pursue a ‘reasonable communication approach’. That means my goal is to neither overstate nor to understate the events that I witness with regard to the doctor spirits, the treatment and the patients. This way, potential health seekers and other interested individuals can form their own opinion and better manage their expectations. Since this form of treatment is not yet understood and seems inconclusive to most of us, including myself, it is only logical to highlight the positive effects that it can have on people’s health and beyond as there are most probably others who might benefit from it.

I have witnessed hundreds of physical surgeries (invasive spiritual surgery) and spoken with even more health seekers. I am not a medical doctor and I rely on my observational abilities, my enquiring mind, and my demand for sober judgement. Hence, the conclusions drawn by me are not a professional opinion but hopefully help one or the other to gain a balanced understanding of the subject matter.

The health-related spiritual treatment from doctor spirits’ in Brazil is a fascinating phenomenon that can deliver amazing results in many cases of disease, disorder, and ailment – at least this is my and that of many others.

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I have investigated the doctor spirits at many different places across Brazil for many years, on and off. If I had not seen the doctor spirits’ work with my own eyes I would have never believed that such things are possible. It is my ambition to make this tremendous treatment accessible to others without romanticising the topic but to better understand, de-prejudice, and reasonably utilise it.
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