Herbs & herbal adminstration
in spiritual treatment


Some doctor spirits use herbs as part of their treatment but general spiritual treatment goes, in most cases, without herbal administration.

The doctor-spirits entities' approach to herbal treatment is notably different from other forms of herbal therapy. Doctor spirits use non-medicinal herbs and the ingredients and the final mixture are the same for each patient. The herbal mixture administered by a doctor spirit contains spiritual medication. This spiritual medication in the herbs is specifically personalised for each patient. The process of personalising the herbs is not something that is expressed in rituals or notable. Instead, patients simply collect their herbs after the consultation with or treatment from the spirit.

Each doctor spirit centre where herbs are administered has their own production and mixture process. So that these mixtures vary from centre to centre. The administration is also different from centre to centre. The ingredients of the herbal mixture do not necessarily have proven health benefits but also no adverse effects.

Some centres provide the herbs free of charge to all patients, other centres charge a small amount in order to partly cover the expenses of the centre.

Sophisticated herbal therapy at Dr. Alonso’s centre

The sophisticated herbal treatment of one doctor-spirit centre sticks out. At ‘Institute of Medicine of the Beyond’ over 170 different herbs are produced and processed to over 70 remedy mixtures that alleviate sleeping problems, facilitate women to conceive, and support cancer treatment.

In a single treatment day, between 50,000 to 60,000 herb pills and herbal teas are handed out free of charge. All herb matters are supervised a purported doctor spirit whose name is Alonso – a medical doctor who passed away in March 1964.