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Experience the doctor spirits and beyond


for a profound and unparalleled experience that you will not forget

into an unknown world that seems too far-fetch to our minds

GO –
on an adventure that will turn your world view upside down in the most profound ways

For the few & for the many

The doctor spirits are a remarkable and unique phenomenon that is available for everybody – the sick and the healthy. Their unconventional treatment often transcends human comprehension, yet their case is strong and convincing.

Many good reasons speak for visiting the doctor spirits, independent of faith, conviction, mindset, culture, and worldview. Observing them is awing and astonishing, interacting with them is delighting and enthralling, experiencing them is humbling and fulfilling.

Tailored tours are planned according to your availability and interest
  • Visit and experience one ore more doctor spirits at different centres in Brazil
  • Flexible travel dates, in accord with the treatment dates of the doctor spirits & medium you want to visit
  • Integrate sightseeing wherever you want, the Amazon, Christ the Redeemer in Rio, or the Iguaçu Falls – the larges natural waterfall system in the world
  • For small groups and individuals
  • Standard or deluxe accommodation, according to your preferences

Impressions of spiritual treatment

The actual treatment and surgeries purportedly happen on extra-physical levels. Patients can decide themselves if they want to undergo invasive spiritual surgery - a patient never has to.

Ideas for tailored tours

Go on a trip with your friends to explore the Amazon and seize the opportunity to visit and engage with the doctor spirits yourself.
Health and wellness groups
Take your yoga, reiki, or Pilates class on a spiritual experience that is different from everything they have ever encountered and will further deepen their understanding of spirituality and health treatment.
Faith groups
Come with your faith community and witness phenomena believed to be impossible while having time for activities that strengthen the bond among you group's members.
Family holiday
Invite your loved ones on a family holiday that will awe and astonish the kids and adults alike. Regardless whether they are interested in the spiritual world or not, this experience surely will always be remembered in great amazement.
Research teams
Bring your research team – neuroscientists, medical researchers, anthropologists, ethnologists, etc. – and investigate events that transcend the believed limits of human faculties and may help to refine the understanding of human life.
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Why tailored tours

  • Time effective and convenient in order to witness select doctor spirits’ work
  • Enjoy benefits that patients and visitors usually don’t have, for example staying close to the spirit throughout the whole treatment session
  • By comparing different doctor spirits and treatments, you get an objective picture of the work, the awing invasive spiritual surgeries, and many other aspects of spiritual treatment.
  • Go with a tour leader who is well-acquainted with the doctor spirits and has good relations with volunteers and mediums

By going on a guided tour you help to continue the project behind SpiritualTreatment.org. Your payment will be used for the following:

  • Continuing the investigation, documentation, and evaluation of treatments at new and known doctor-spirit centres

  • Operating SpiritualTreatment.org

  • Encouraging more academic studies on the effects and efficacy of treatment

  • A future charity project that allows severely and terminally diseased children to travel, stay, and receive treatment for free

  • Covering the cost of living of the founder/author/tour leader – only one person
Your helper & interpreter

Dear reader –

I am Johannes. I have studied the doctor spirits at many different places across Brazil for over a decade, on and off. To my knowledge, no one else – neither Brazilian nor foreigner – has investigated these phenomena as profoundly.

I have seen many people benefitting from this form of health-focused treatment, including myself when my physical health was concerningly compromised in my early twenties.

Making the doctor spirits’ treatment accessible to others thrills me and gives me goosebumps. I would not do so if I was not convinced by what it can possibly achieve.

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