Guided tours to the doctor-spirit entities in Brazil

Receive fantastic treatment, witness astonishing practices, experience the unthinkable

These unique guided tours are for health seekers and for those in good health, for the spiritual-minded and the curious, for those who seek and for those who believe to have arrived – experience an amazing health treatment, encounter truly palpable spiritual phenomena, and get proof of events that transcend our understanding of reality.

Benefits for tour participants
  • Eyewitness the astounding spiritual health treatment and surgeries that most believe ‘impossible’
  • Receive treatment yourself, undergo any form of spiritual surgery if you wish
  • Ask questions to the doctor spirits right in the moments when they treat and operate on patients
  • Talk with those individuals (mediums) into whom doctor-spirit entities incorporate
  • Learn what makes this treatment is so different from conventional and alternative therapies
  • Obtain insights that patients, visitors, and even volunteers cannot
  • Study a fascinating phenomenon that contradicts the current scientific paradigm and biomedical model
  • Take advantage of a bilingual tour leader who has extensively investigated the doctor spirits at many centres across Brazil
  • Small groups, no more than 10 people
Guided tour options
Simply choose the tour that matches your interest.

Private tours

Organised according to your schedule and preferences. Invite your peers, colleagues, friends, or family to join for something unique and unforgettable.
Go on a trip with your friends to explore the Amazon and while being in Brazil seize the opportunity to visit and engage with the doctor spirits yourself.
Health and wellness groups
Take your yoga, reiki, or Pilates class on a spiritual experience that is different from everything they have ever encountered and will further deepen their understanding of spirituality and health treatment.
Faith groups
Come with your faith community and witness phenomena believed to be impossible while having time for activities that strengthen the bond among you group's members.
Family holiday
Invite your loved ones on a family holiday that will awe and astonish the kids and adults alike. Regardless whether they are interested in the spiritual world or not, this experience surely will always be remembered in great amazement.
Research teams
Bring your research team – neuroscientists, medical researchers, anthropologists, ethnologists, etc. – and investigate events that transcend the believed limits of human faculties and may help to refine the understanding of human life.
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meet the doctor spirits
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Impressive health treatment and impressively executed spiritual surgeries.

Spiritual treatment is a distinct form of health treatment. It has the goal to achieve a cure or the significant remission of diseases and to establish physical and mental well-being in the treated person.

The most astounding and distinguishable element of spiritual treatment are the physically invasive spiritual surgeries, carried out by so-called doctor spirits. These operations appear unusual as the conventional biomedical model cannot account for them but medical researchers have proved them genuine and effective.

Spiritual treatment is largely offered free of charge as it is considered a charitable service to humanity. Hence, everybody can receive this special form of health-related care.

Spiritual surgery
Spiritual surgery is an element of spiritual treatment. The invasive interventions have been investigated by scientists and medical professionals but defy the current medical paradigm considerably.
Treatment centres
Spiritual treatment centres are common in Brazil and can be found in almost all cities and villages across the country. Many engage in charitable projects in the local communities but only at a few centres doctor spirits incorporate into mediums and palpably treat the sick.

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