General treatment advice

When it comes to spiritual treatment, there are a few aspects that more or less apply to the treatment of all tangibly working doctor spirits and it is reasonable to be aware of them.


Treatment duration / length of stay

The duration of treatment varies from patient to patient and from doctor spirit & medium to doctor spirit & medium and therefore cannot be predicted easily beforehand.

Individuals who are severely diseased or seek some kind of a cure are recommended to take enough time out, two weeks or preferably more, so that they can fully slow down and unwind while receiving treatment.

It is important to understand that the treatment form doctor spirits is not a fast-track process. Events that could be considered ‘instant remissions’ or ‘instant healings’ occur now and then. One might even witness one or the other, but if it happens to oneself is written on a different page. The truth is that the majority of people report that their condition has improved over time – Brazilians as well as foreigners.

You do not need to be a ‘believer’

All doctor spirits say that in order for a cure to manifest ‘the most profound change’ is needed to take place in the patient. Only through this, the full effect of the treatment can be received. There is no need to come as a ‘believer’, it would not change anything. Rather should one come with a sober and open mind.

Continue your medical treatment

The treatment from the doctor spirits does not interfere in medical and other alternative treatments. The doctor spirits at all centres strictly advise all visitors and patients to continue their medical treatment as prescribed by their doctor or health professional. Spiritual treatment is complementary to it.

Size of treatment centre and popularity

The size and popularity of a centre are no good indicators for quality of treatment. Some centres simply have no means, time, interest, or workforce to present themselves to the outside world. Spiritual treatment is no competition.

Doctor spirits are not God

Regardless of the healings and positive turns of events that occur, all doctor spirits explicitly and repeatedly state that they are not God so their work is not unlimited. However, each of them promises to do everything within their power to help and support every single person who seeks their support.

Invasive spiritual surgery

Invasive spiritual surgery is exceptionally impressive, especially when someone has never witnessed it before. However, it would be wrong to generally infer that the treatment is better at those centres where invasive surgeries are conducted. Each doctor-spirit-medium pair has their own way of working and there are several centres where no invasive spiritual surgery is done but which have reached public awareness and popularity due to convincing treatment results. No one has to undergo invasive spiritual surgery. Instead, one can receive a non-invasive surgery. This applies to all centres.


At many doctor-spirit centres, all receivers of treatment are advised to follow a certain diet. The diet and its duration are different from centre to centre. Some diets exclude certain spices and meats. Only a few centres require a vegetarian diet. In some cases, the diets do not seem to follow a nutritional logic but since they have been put forward by the doctor spirits, people are to follow them.

Treatment supplements (herbs, water, etc.)

At most centres, but definitely not all, herbal capsules, herbal tea, or vivified water are provided as a treatment supplement. Some centres provide them for free. Others charge a little amount to cover the cost of operation but do not verify if one buys them or not. Also, the treatment supplements are usually given away for free if a patient cannot afford them.

Inconceivability of treatment

The doctor spirits’ treatment seems inconceivable to the logical mind as there are many aspects of it that do not follow a tangible ‘cause-and-effect’ pattern. Hence, it is difficult for most to meaningfully integrate or accept this form of treatment as part of their world view. Spiritually-rooted health treatment should be evaluated by its effect rather than its procedures.

Respect the treatment guidelines

Patients are recommended to respect and follow the treatment guidelines. Some treatment guidelines may seem odd but following these guidelines is a good demonstration of one’s willingness to be receptive for treatment.

Abstaining from any sexual activity for a certain period after spiritual surgery. This guideline exists at many doctor-spirit centres whereas the durations differs greatly, ranging from 3 days to 40 days or even more. It does not matter whether the spiritual surgery was invasive or non-invasive.

Some treatment guidelines seem odd. For example, often a patch or bandage is taped on the patient’s body although the patient received a non-invasive surgery. That means, there was cutting and no bleeding but that region was still bandaged. The patient usually is requested to keep these patches and bandages dry even when showering. This might be not easy but it is as much part of the treatment as the spiritual surgery. It is recommended to follow such guidelines.


Many doctor spirits speak about ‘faith’. What they mean by faith is ‘to want, to grow, and to change’ – always; never give up, rather use all your potential to make a positive change in life – for yourself and equally for your friends, family, and your neighbours. What the doctor spirits clearly do not mean by ‘faith’ is repeated mindless recitation of text, unfettered zealous faith, and the total surrender to hopelessness.

For more information about the doctor spirits’ treatment and its purported underlying mechanisms, please see Spiritual treatment.