Go to the doctor spirits on your own


The doctor spirits in Brazil are tangibly present, personally available, and impress through their palpable and distinct actions. Everybody can go to them to receive their health-focused treatment.

Going to the doctor spirits by yourself can be an exhilarating journey. Here below are some points to consider for preparing and undertaking your trip.

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Your health

Check with your responsible medical doctor or health professional whether you are in the condition to travel or not.

Duration of your travel

You should plan a duration of at least 2 weeks, so that you can ‘settle in’ a little since everything will be new to you. In these two weeks you could receive treatment at one centre several times or even go to one or two other places to receive treatment there. It all depends on where you go.


The only workable language to manage all treatment matters as well as all every-day situations is Brazilian Portuguese. If you want to get local translator better let them know what their task will be and where you intend to go. Due to deeply rooted religiousness in the Brazilian culture it is not guaranteed that every translator is comfortable with this job.

Centres and doctor spirits

All centres are independent from each other. Their procedures, treatment, and treatment schedules differ considerably. If you go to one centre where the spirit Dr. Fritz works and then to another centre where also a spirit with the name Dr. Fritz works, many things will be different and the spirit might not recognise you. Why this is the case will be explained in articles in the Further insights section if not already done.


The treatment at all the listed centres is good. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. If the treatment at one centre does not work for you or you are simply curious to see another doctor spirit working, then go to another centre. This is what some people do and it seems to work for many of them. Keep in mind that most healing takes time and it some cases it might not manifest, regardless of the ‘spontaneous cures’ you might come across.


For a few centres, it is the case that there are budget hostels and guest houses (‘pousadas’) close to the centre which usually have single and double room options. These pousadas have no business affiliation with the respective centres. Many of these pousadas are NOT on booking.com, hrs.com, etc.

If you are not acquainted with the village or city to which you will be going, it makes sense to book a room for one or two nights at booking.com, hrs.com, etc. Once you are there, you can then look for accommodation that fits your needs and requirements.

Travel from centre to centre

There are only a few cities where there is more than one doctor-spirit centre at which the spirit incorporates and tangibly treats people. That means, in order to go to another doctor-spirit centre, you usually will have to go to another city. There is no specialised service for that, so you will have to organise this yourself. You can go by inter-city buses and/or plane, and by car, if you rent one.

Public transport and travel

Intercity travels are commonly done by bus by lower and lower-middle class people . The intercity bus terminals are called ‘Rodoviaria interestadual’. Make sure to not confuse them with the inner city bus terminals that sometimes are named ‘Rodoviaria’ too.

It is always worth to check whether it is cheaper to travel by plane rather than by bus.

For inner-city travels, it is best to use taxis, Uber/99/Cabify ect. unless you are at least somewhat acquainted with the area.

Mobile internet

Mobile internet has significantly improved in recent years and coverage is stable and good. For 20 US dollar you will get a prepaid SIM card and 2.5 GB of data allowance that you can use up within 30 days – but only selected stores can hand them out to foreigners as foreigners do not have a Brazilian ID-code called ‘CPF’. For example, in a big city like Salvador da Bahia, with a population of 4 million inhabitants, only a few shops have legal permission to sell SIM cards to foreigners. You must show your valid passport/ID during the buying process.

Read the ‘specific travel & treatment advice’

Check the ‘specific travel advice’ and ‘specific treatment advice’ pages for each doctor spirit & medium pair that is listed here on SpiritualTreatment.org. Every doctor spirit & medium entry has an overview with general information and some of them may have specific travel advice and specific treatment advice pages.

Ground support and translation service

If you want to go to the doctor spirits and would like to have some assistance and someone who translates for you, please see the pages Facilitated travel-&-stay as a very affordable travel and stay option or the Guided tours pages.