Receive free treatment


This treatment is for everybody

Everybody can receive treatment from the doctor spirits at almost any time. One simply needs to go to a doctor-spirit centre on a treatment day within the hours of service. There is no preparation needed.

The doctor spirits treat all kinds of health and life-compromising conditions, and work hard so that a cure or significant betterment can be achieved in the person. The doctor spirits say that their health treatment is ‘spiritual treatment’.

The majority of visitors and patients have medically treatable illnesses or minor ailments but there is also a notable number of individuals who suffer from severe conditions, among them:

  • cancer (all forms, often breast, brain, lungs, pancreas, etc.)
  • brain and nervous system diseases
  • autoimmune diseases (arthritis, multiple sclerosis, etc.)
  • chronic illnesses, genetic defects, developmental issues
  • mental health issues,
  • injuries, fractures, gunshot wounds
  • endocrine system and metabolic diseases
  • eye and ear diseases
  • infertility and childbirth-related problems

Other health and life compromising conditions are treated too, among them allergies, intolerances, infertility, alcoholism, and drug addiction. Sufferers of terminal diseases are no rarity at doctor-spirit centres with many of them arriving late as all other treatment options are exhausted.

Expectation of success

The best way to find out if the doctor spirits’ treatment can help you is by coming and trying. This is how most people arrive there, often despite great scepticism. They hear or see that some neighbour, friend, or family member has improved much or was cured so they decide to come.

If you want to come to Brazil but you are indecisive, weigh the pros and cons. The likelihood that you benefit from the doctor spirits' treatment is reasonably good. Not only this, there also are the new experiences that you will make of fascinating events often believed 'impossible'. The journey to the doctor spirits will broaden your horizon and enrich your view on what constitutes the human condition in a greater context. You will hear the testimonies of others who share their stories and new friendships will evolve about along the way.

Complementary to medical treatment

It is no problem to undergo the medical treatment that your doctor or health professional has prescribed to you and at the same time receiving treatment from the doctor spirits. At some doctor-spirit centres, people even bring their CT or MRI-scans and other medical exams. As inconceivable as it may seem, some doctor spirits read them and take them into consideration.

Duration of treatment

The duration of treatment depends on the patient, their condition, as well as the doctor spirit & medium and their way of treating patients. For severe cases treatment might finish after the first visitation but it can equally take longer. It is reasonable to take out 2 to 4 weeks for the first time to ‘settle in’ a little once arrived in Brazil.

Who comes to the doctor spirits

People from all backgrounds, social classes, religions and world views – the poor and the wealthy, the educated and the uneducated, believers and atheists, medical doctors, bankers, lawyers, aircraft pilots, university professors, alternative therapists, spirituality seekers as well as the deprived and destitute. Most of the people who go there are normal people. Their common denominator is seeking help or support and sometimes a deep intrinsic desire for change.

Interestingly, despite deeply rooted religiousness and strong stereotypes against the doctor spirits and their work in the Brazilian society, a growing number of Brazilians visit doctor-spirit centres to receive treatment. The number of foreigners has grown too over the past decade.