For health seekers

A unique treatment opportunity

In Brazil, so-called doctor spirits treat people’s aliments and diseases as a charitable service to humanity.

Many, Brazilians and foreigners report to have recovered well or to have been cured from their illnesses and at times terminal diseases. However, despite good results the doctor spirits themselves assert that this treatment is not to be taken as the panacea for all illness.

What these doctor spirits do is unique and remarkable, and can defy human logic and human rationality.

Everybody, and there is no exception to it, can receive this distinct and astonishing form of health treatment.

Receive treatment

This health-focused treatment is for everybody

Everybody can seek the doctor spirits for treatment, regardless of their religion, belief and world view.

The doctor spirits’ treatment is fully complementary to traditional medicine and all forms of alternative therapy.

Each doctor spirit and their respective medium has their own distinct way of executing the treatment.

The treatment is widely provided free of charge.

There is no need to be a ‘believer’.

In spite of the immediate-appearing recoveries or cures that might be witnessed, the process usually takes time.

The doctor spirits acknowledge themselves that their work is not unlimited. They say they are in service of God but that they are not God. They work hard to achieve what a person seeks, dedicated to alleviating physical and emotional affliction.

The doctor spirits’ treatment is very simple and humbling in its expression and can hardly be compared to any form of conventional medicine or other health-related therapies.

For more details, see Spiritual treatment, Receiving treatment and General treatment advice.

Go to the doctor spirits

Travelling to the doctor spirits is not as difficult as it may seem, especially
when you have assistance during your stay.
Guided tour

    The most convenient way to receive treatment from the doctor spirits

  • Pick-up from the airport by car
  • Standard or deluxe accommodation
  • Optional: 3 wholesome meals a day, veggie options available
  • Detailed introduction into processes and procedures related to the treatment
  • Dedicated tour leader who accompanies you during the consultations with the doctor spirits and who translates for you
  • Advice and assistance with important everyday matters
  • Many other benefits
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    guided tours for health seekers

Facilitated travel-&-stay

    The budget alternative to guided tours; you will be helped in important matters.

  • Cosy, capacious single room in a shared, quiet, and homely house
  • Introduction to your new temporary habitat
  • You will usually be accompanied on treatment days for translation and assistance
  • Advice and assistance with important matters
  • Optional: collection from the airport by car
  • The most suited option for those who look for very affordable travel, plan to stay over longer periods, or who have no set leave date
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    facilitated travel-&-stay

Go on your own

    Arrange, manage, and do everything on your own

  • Please prepare yourself properly
  • At almost all doctor-spirit centres you will need Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Follow the advice of the locals, this way you travel safely
  • Have a great trip – all the very best to you!
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    going on your own

Your helper & interpreter

Dear reader –

I am Johannes. I have studied the doctor spirits at many different places across Brazil for over a decade, on and off. To my knowledge, no one else – neither Brazilian nor foreigner – has investigated these phenomena as profoundly.

I have seen many people benefitting from this form of health-focused treatment, including myself when my physical health was concerningly compromised in my early twenties.

Making the doctor spirits’ treatment accessible to others thrills me and gives me goosebumps. I would not do so if I was not convinced by what it can possibly achieve.

Doctor spirits from which you can receive treatment
Spirit: Dr. Adolph Fritz
Medium: Kleber Aran

Invasive spiritual surgery / humorous, grumbling, shouting / loving & heartfelt hugs / against conventional stereotypes of spirituality
Spirit: Dr. Alonso
Medium: Joao Berbel

Extensive herbal treatment and organic herb farm / interestingly fast consultation / highly engaged / very enthusing
Spirit: Dr. Soray
Medium: Armando

Comprehensive consultations / tangibly scanning the patient / provides health and disease-related opinion / invasive spiritual surgery happen seldom
Spirit: Dr. Adolph Fritz
Medium: Eduardo

Non-profound invasive spiritual surgery / comprehensive consultations / chatty and funny / a hidden gem
Spirit: Dr. Richard
Medium: Marlon

Invasive spiritual surgery / quick but detailed consultation / provides health and disease-related opinion / very matter of fact

There are other doctor spirits and mediums. Which spirits and mediums you are going to see depends on the tour option you choose.
All tour options include doctor spirits that do invasive spiritual surgery.

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