The spirit Dr. Soray and
medium Antonio Armando

In brief

The spirit Dr. Soray works through medium Armando at the centre Mae Iant, a very simple and humble place in the outskirts of the small town Goianésia (GO). At Mae Iant, medium Armando does extensive one-on-one consultations with each patient. In them, he is supported by the accompanying doctor spirits which purportedly account for his exceptionally heightened perception of the patient’s health condition. It is mainly for the spiritual surgeries that the spirit Dr. Soray incorporates into medium Armando which is unusual but certainly not a disadvantage.


Antônio Armando de Souza was born in the city of Januária (MG) and his first encounter with the spiritual world unfolded when he was aged 13. As a youth, Armando already started to treat the sick in his hometown Januaria and later on moved to other cities until he arrived in Goianésia (GO), where he settled. He chose Goianésia under the guidance of his spirit mentor, Father John of Rwanda, a so-called ‘old black one’. In Brazil this expression is neither racist nor offending. Old black ones are spirits of people who died while still enslaved. They are said to be wise, peaceful, and kind spirits that have great knowledge about suffering, compassion, forgiveness, and hope. Father Joao often incorporates at the end of each treatment sessions and blesses everybody, one by one.

Armando’s mediumistic faculties and the intimate and strong bond with Dr. Soray, a Bolivian doctor spirit and his phalanx allow for insightful diagnoses of a patient’s physical, mental, and extra-physical conditions, at times discovering diseases and irregularities that the latest generation of medical appliances and laboratory test seem not to detect. Although medium Armando did not have the luck to receive good education at a young age, he exhibits good medical knowledge which he says was taught to him by Dr. Soray. The name of the treatment centre that is Mae Iant.


At first, one has a consultation with the medium and in the following week one undergoes the spiritual surgery, tangibly done by the spirit Dr. Soray through medium Armando. This is the normal procedure at the centre Mae Iant. Some other doctor-spirit centres have a similar approach.

The consultations as well as the spiritual surgeries are proper one-on-one sessions with only one male and one female volunteer attending, and possibly a child’s parents if a child is attended. During the consultation, the patient can tell everything they want to be treated for. Medium Armando is fully conscious during these sessions but states that he extensively exchanges thoughts with Dr. Soray and the accompanying doctor-spirit phalanx which arguably seem to provide Armando with information the average human could hardly obtain. Hence, more often than not Armando provides insights that may exceed a given patient’s expectations.

The spiritual surgery is normally done the week after the consultation and non-invasive in most cases but profound invasive operations happen from time to time. After the surgery, one will receive the Dr. Soray’s blessing and can leave the centre or still linger there. Patients are requested to come back for a revision.

One should not be surprised in case that the spirit Dr. Soray prescribes pharmacological medication for the patient. It might seem awkward that a doctor spirit prescribes medicine but other doctor spirits have done so in the past too.

Similar to ‘normal’ medical centres and hospitals, at Mae Iant each patient has their own ‘patient card’, a simple paper sheet on which the patient’s conditions and requests are noted during the consultation with the medium. The spirit Dr. Soray is eager to work on everything that is on this card. Patients can and do come for consultations regularly.

When a patient has received treatment for some time and given that all topics on that patient’s card have been resolved, Dr. Soray usually askes “Is there anything else that I can do for you?”. If the patient responds that he or she is well and that their [medical] doctor has said that no signs of illness have left, Dr. Soray ‘somewhat officially’ releases the patient and wishes them good health and best of success – like a real doctor but different.

Treatment Hours
Consultations are on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 15:00 to 17:30 o’clock.
Spiritual surgeries are done on Wednesdays from ca. 17:00 o’clock.

In the future, treatment hours might be extended to Monday to Friday – five days a week.