The spirit Dr. Hansen and
medium Nelson Teixeira, MD

The case of the German doctor spirit Dr. Hansen and medium Nelson Teixeira is one of the rare exceptions where the medium is a trained and practising medical doctor. But this is of little importance once Dr. Hansen incorporates into medium Nelson Teixeira. On some occasions, the treatment hardly reminds of traditional Western medicine when the spirit-controlled medium goes on his ‘afternoon ward round’ in the centre – examining and speaking one-to-one with each single patient.


Medium Nelson Teixeira is a trained GP who has his own practice in Uberlandia. Besides traditional medicine, he also is an advocate of homeopathy. He is a quiet and somewhat shy character who seems to relish thoughtfulness and order.

The spirit German doctor spirit of Dr. Hansen incorporates on Friday afternoons. The first thing that he does is attending the most urgent cases, which are the people who were assigned for undergoing invasive spiritual surgery the week before. Dr. Hansen conducts these surgeries in front of the whole audience in the hall and as surreal as it may seem, he enjoys having somebody playing classical music live on the piano as he is operating on the patients. When treating the patients, he a kind of has one eye on the patient and the other eye on the audience.

After the surgeries, the spirit-controlled medium either asks the audience to queue up in a line or he goes on his ‘afternoon ward round’ to attend every single visitor. As he walks along, he appears a bit frail and wonky, balancing his body with his arms partly stretched out countering the body’s sidewards movements. It may appear a bit awkward but it is not. Many people who come to Dr. Hansen seek a cure.

Dr. Hansen often prescribes homeopathic remedies whose costs are little. These remedies can be bought at any drug store. The centre has no business relation with any pharmacy or drug store. Free accommodation is provided for non-locals, which is everybody who does not live in or near Uberlandia. The accommodation is right across the street from where the centre is located and has 68 guest rooms, each with 3 beds to host a total of 210 people. Most of these rooms are suitable for disabled individuals.

The organisational language is Portuguese. On some treatment days, a volunteer may be available who speaks French and can translate important matters that one must know or consider.


Every Friday – the door opens at 11:30 o’clock. However, all non-locals must arrive before 11:00 o’clock to obtain ‘ticket’ at the front door. People enter the centre in the sequence determined by their ticket number.

Everybody who lives in Uberlandia must obtain the ticket one day before, hence on Thursday between 12:00 and 14:00 o’clock. If assigned an invasive spiritual surgery, the patient has to come back the following week on Friday. There is some minor preparation involved, which the volunteers will explain on the day the patient was examined.

For the invasive spiritual surgeries, Dr. Hansen mainly uses sets of small and big needles. For example, when he treats a patient’s dysfunctional thyroid glands, he may stick over¬¬ 180 needles in the patient’s frontal part of the neck. Visually, this is very impressive to watch.