The spirit Dr. Adolph Fritz and
medium Eduardo

In brief

The work of Dr. Fritz through medium Eduardo is one of the many examples that a centre’s size is no indicator for quality of treatment. Most surgeries are conducted without physical intervention, but the rich toolkit of surgical instruments is sometime used. The doctor spirit here often lays plain his opinion about the patient’s illness, the pathology and treatment, and on top of that is very chatty in general. The consultation reminds of consulting with a medical professional whereas the spirit’s super-perception impresses patients and visitors. Amusing for all people in the audience, the spirit tends to funnily and lovingly reprimand the patients when they do not follow the health and treatment advice given by him.


The story about medium Eduardo and the spirit Dr. Fritz is similar to those of other mediums. Medium Eduardo had no interest in anything beyond the physical world and even less in Spirits who would take control of people’s physical bodies in an effort to treat and cure the diseased. Eduardo was in his mid-thirties when Dr. Fritz came to work with him.

The centre where people are treated is a very basic, extend garage. There is no nothing on the outside that would indicate the work of Dr. Fritz inside. The big sign above the front door reads ‘Spiritist group – Love Charity of Divine Providence’ – a wording that many normal Spirit centres would use. Inside, there is a desk in the front, behind is a chalkboard and to the other side are rows of white chairs where people sit and wait for their turn.

Dr. Fritz sits at the desk in the front of the main room – almost like a teacher who faces their class. A small group of supporting mediums, four to six people, are seated to his left to support him as assistant mediums. One of them in charge of handing out all the remedy recipes for those patients who ought to do these instructions to facilitate the recovery.

All people who attend the treatment session can witness the doctor spirit incorporate at the beginning and discorporate at the end. In medium Eduardo the manifestation of the spirit is very smooth and does not provoke ‘grimaces and rolling eyes’ as a reaction to a severely physical overload through the spirit.

During the treatment sessions, Dr. Fritz often speaks about the Spiritist doctrine and he urges people to lead a healthy life, to educated themselves, and to study. He says something along the lines “You want to be smart and a good person. So, use your potential. Try to be as good as you can, for yourself and humanity.”. His admonishments are serious but interspersed with humours and funny anecdotes which makes these talks very interesting and entertaining.

Importantly, being a medium does not protect against ailments or age-related conditions. Although a few mediums are known who, when sober, suffer from illness which seems to be blown away for the time the doctor spirit remains incorporated, medium Eduardo is not one of them. He uses a cane to walk, even when the spirit remains incorporated.


Relatively uncommon for doctor spirits, Eduardo, under the control of Dr. Adolph Fritz, has longer conversations with the patient. In these consultations, he asks questions that follow a logical order. At the same time, he tries to sense where the patient’s problem lies and he voices his insights, whenever he believes he is on the right track. As an example, a mother of a new-born consulted Dr. Fritz as the new-born didn’t want to drink. After examining the young soul for a few moments he directed his attention to the mother and said “The boy seems to be in good health but how is your alimentation? Also, how is your mental state?”, indicating that he believes is the culprit for the boy not eating.

During the consultations Dr. Fritz already sets out the treatment plan for the consulting patient. If he decides to carry out an invasive surgery, he very likely does it straightaway. He also has a special treatment room for the severe cases.

Some patients can be requested to return regularly, especially those who are considered severe cases – cancer, arthritis, infections, mental disorders etc.

Treatment hours
Every Sunday – the door opens at 13:30 o’clock. People are requested to arrive before 14:30 o'clock. The service starts at 15:00 o’clock and finishes after the last visitor has been attended.