The spirit Dr. Alonso y Alonso and
medium Joao Berbel

In brief

Born in 1908 and passed away on 23 March 1964 – the spirit Dr. Alonso y Alonso, working through medium Joao Berbel now easily attends more than 1000 people a day. The spirit works fast and hardly says something during the consultations and the non-invasive spiritual surgeries but his occasional speeches are highly enthusing and motivational. A sophisticated herbal therapy, which is under the control of the doctor spirit, is an important part of the treatment. More than 170 different kinds of herbs are organically grown and processed on the centres own herb farm and then provided for free to all patients.


Medium Joao Berbel was born into a very conservative Catholic family. He could only attend school up to the 4th grade as he had to work in order to support his parents and his five siblings.

From the age of 13 he suffered from uncontrolled sporadic epileptic seizures that made him drooling while trembling, writhing and thrashing his body on the floor. Some doctor prescribed a remedy called ‘Gardenal’, which alleviated the problem but by no means controlled it well. Around the age of 20, his then-girlfriend and wife nowadays invited him to visit her regular Spiritist centre. Joao was a convinced Catholic did not show the slightest interest. He even thought it was a bad idea. However, his girlfriend finally managed to convince him to come with her and, according to medium Joao’s account, the moment he started to frequent the centre, his epileptic seizures diminished and fully vanished quickly as his mediumistic faculties grew and evolved – not without ups and downs and some level of desperation though.

Nowadays, medium Joao attributes his past epilepsy to suppressed mediumship when he smilingly talks about is past.


The treatment is divided into consultation days and spiritual surgery days and attendance is fast either way and usually happens on Wednesdays and Saturdays. On consultation days it can be up to 3000+ or more people. Especially when the consultation falls on a Saturday. On spiritual surgery days it can easily go up to 1000+ people who are attended altogether.

Controlled by Dr. Alonso, medium Joao usually only spends a short moment with each patient but enough to analyse the patient’s condition, prescribe all the necessary herbal mixtures, and to conduct the non-invasive spiritual surgeries.

The treatment cycle usually is 4 weeks. The first time, the patient undergoes the consultation, which only lasts a moment, and receives one or more herbal mixtures specific for them. The patient starts taking the herbs, which normally last 30 days, as well as a vegetarian diet. One week later, the patient undergoes non-invasive spiritual surgery. Two weeks after the spiritual surgery the patient comes back for the ‘returner’s consultation’ upon which Dr. Alonso decides how to proceed, eventually prescribing more herbs and asking the patient to come back in 2 weeks’ time.

Every now and then, Dr. Alonso stops during the treatment sessions and gives an informal, enthralling, and punchy talk about spiritual treatment and how ‘the etheric magnetic fluids’ permeate the human body and effectuate the patient’s system and thus supporting the healing process.

Per month over 3.5 tonnes of herbs are given to patients. All of them produced on the organic herb farm. All consultations, spiritual surgeries, and treatment supplements such as herbs and herbal teas are provided free of charge to the patients.