Doctor-spirit centers

A doctor-spirit center is a place where a so-called doctor spirit incorporates into a medium and tangibly treats people’s diseases and ailments. The term ‘doctor-spirit center’ is not commonly known or employed but used here on in order to better differentiate between Spiritist centers without tangible treatment from doctor spirits and Spiritist centers with tangible treatment from doctor spirits. 'Tangible' means that the treatment can be watched and witnessed as the spirit-controlled medium palpably attends the center’s visitors, possibly carrying out invasive or non-invasive spiritual surgery in an attempt to improve their health and to generally support them in earthly and extra-earthly life matters.

Doctor-spirit centers primarily are a Brazilian phenomenon. It is estimated that there are at least two dozen active doctor-spirit centers, eventually more, excluding the thousands of Spiritist centers and spiritual treatment centers where no doctor spirit tangibly attends the visitors. Some centers simply have no interest in or refrain from any kind of outbound communication so that the exact number of active centers cannot be determined easily.

Usually, all doctor-spirit centers are independent from one another, there is no overarching parent organisation. Due to many differences among the centers, knowing the processes of one doctor-spirit center does not help much in inferring the processes in the others. Each of them is managed differently and has its own procedures, its own way of treatment, its own treatment hours, its own mediums, its own rules and in part its own approach to spirituality. Some centers make a more pronounced reference to Spiritism as codified by Allan Kardec (by his real name Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail), others less. Some do not mention it all nor address the books that Kardec published.

The principal medium and volunteers at one center usually have no or only very limited knowledge about other centers and the treatment at these other centers. They might have heard about them through fudged up local TV reports or trite news articles. Overall, it is relatively rare that the medium and volunteers at one center are acquainted with other centers.

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Although spiritual treatment is provided to treat physical and non-physical diseases, the main purpose of all doctor spirit centers is the spiritual evolution of man towards a prosperous, peaceful, and charitable society that follows the maxim ‘Love your neighbour as you love yourself’.

Some centers purely focus on treating the visitors’ illnesses and ailments. Others pursue additional goals such as the evolvement of people’s mediumistic faculties or sharing the Spiritist doctrine. Hence, additional free services, for example ‘disobsession’ sittings, are provided at some but not all centers. At some centers it is not desired that someone else incorporates a spirit besides the doctor-spirit medium.

Premises – simple and of any size

Doctor-spirit centers can be of any size, from a small room inside a residential house up to considerably large halls that were formerly used for industrial manufacturing.

None of them was built with the purpose to attract people through visually impressive construction, so they do not share the visible finesse, architecture or splendour of churches, temples, and mosques, and are relatively simple. Usually, their exterior is not particular attention catching and sometimes misses any indication of what a given place is about. The inside walls are often painted white and blue, white and green, or white and grey with a few pictures and paintings of discarnate humans and actively working spirits on the walls, together with a cross or a painting of Christ.

The centers have grown organically, normally starting at some room or house where a inspiritised medium began to attend a few people. As the word spread, more and more people came for treatment so that bigger premises became a necessity.

Today, most bigger centers simply co-exist and are part of the normal rural surrounding in boroughs away from the city centers or outside of towns. There is no ‘pre-defined’ sacred ground before the center is being established.

Once a doctor-spirit center has been established, it is said that on higher levels, there is a spiritual hospital that may be in operation even on those days on which not treatment takes place.

Financial support

All doctor-spirit centers have to find ways to cover their expenses, which in many cases is done through donations and through on-site food and beverage counters where café, tea, snacks, and hot meals are offered for very little money. A few centers charge a small amount for optional treatment supplements. Despite such fund-raising activities the great majority of doctor-spirit centers are in a permanent need for financial support to keep their doors open as the operational costs for electricity, water, maintenance, material used during the treatment session, etc. are high. It is not unusual that the volunteers of a center make financial contributions to cover the outstanding cost at the end of the month.