Distant spiritual surgery

In spiritual treatment
Distant spiritual surgery

A distant spiritual surgery is a non-invasive, remote intervention that cannot directly be watched or observed as the doctor spirit conducts the operation ‘in spirit’. Hence distant spiritual surgery is very similar to invisible spiritual surgery, whereas the latter is usually done right at the doctor spirit centre.

The procedure roughly is the following. The patient consults with an incorporated doctor spirit and is given a date at which the invisible surgery will be conducted.

Often, the patient is requested to read in a Spiritist book or about Jesus on the given date before the distant surgery takes place. Also, the patient is supposed to arrange their bedding using white bed linen and to dress in white or bright clothes for the distant surgery, with a glass and/or a bottle of water next to the bed.

The patient lies down in bed at some point before the surgery and remains lying there until the end of the procedure. After the surgery, he or she usually is to drink the water in the glass and over the subsequent days the water in the bottle.

There are variations to this procedure, depending on the doctor spirit and centre at which one has the consultation with the incorporated doctor spirit. The volunteers at the centre will give more precise instructions after the consultation with the respective doctor spirit there.

Several doctor spirits who do invasive spiritual surgery also do distant spiritual surgery.