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SpiritualTreatment.org (STorg) makes a distinct and remarkable free health treatment in Brazil accessible to individuals worldwide as well as documents, studies, and communicates this amazing sanative care and spiritual work in order to turn illness and affliction into recoveries and well-being, to nurture a deeper science-based understanding, and to contribute to the common good.

Spiritual treatment, the doctor-spirit entities, and the spiritual surgeries are tangible and witnessable phenomena that are not well understood but many hastened opinions have been spread and circle around in the public domain. STorg attempts to facilitated in the clarification of this matter for the benefit of all – the mediums, the visitors and patients, scientists, and society as a whole.

STorg is a project mainly authored by one single person and has no affiliation with any other organisation. Please support this project if you like it – your aid is crucial!

No coaxing and no cajoling

It is not the intention of STorg to pressingly persuade anyone to go to Brazil in order to be attended by so-called doctor spirits. Also, it is not the intention to promote this form of health treatment as the utmost weapon against all health problems and other issues. But, those who consider to receiving and experiencing this remarkable spiritually rooted treatment, for whatever reason that may be, might find great relief, alleviation, and strong proof of the beauty of this impressive and marvellous sanative work.

Wording and vocabulary

Terms such as ‘spirit’, ‘doctor spirit’, and ‘spirit entity’ are used on STorg. These and other terms are part of the terminology since the investigated phenomena identify themselves as such. Perhaps a spirit is a semi-independent non-physical consciousness cloud, field, or simply the potential of such. Nobody knows that for sure, yet. For the sake of simplicity and legibility, the words ‘spirit’, ‘doctor spirit’, ‘entity’, etc. may be used. Critical audiences are welcome to use more technical, descriptive terminology.

Omitted adjectives

When speaking about the doctor spirits and other tangibly witnessable events of spiritual treatment, specifying and relativizing adjectives such as ‘alleged’, ‘purported’, ‘assumed’ etc. are not always stated. This is not to mislead the readership but to not artificially inflate the already long-winded textual contents. STorg is committed to a reasonable communications approach – reporting objectively but also acknowledging success.


Reports, stories, and anecdotes of spiritual events in our world are countless and, albeit desirable, it is not possible to report on all these. The limitations in documenting and communication shall not be interpreted as an intention to compromising conventional medical treatments or alternative therapies and practices.

STorg in its present existence is primarily concerned with spiritual treatment from alleged doctor spirits and other often named non-classical spirit entities that tangibly take control of certain individuals to treat diseased and ailing individuals.

Non-affiliation statement

The ongoing documentation of the doctor spirits’ work is the focus of STorg. In order to do so, STorg’s principal author (Johannes) regularly accompanies one, two, or three treatment days at a given doctor-spirit centre. This interval can be monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or even longer. Despite longer intervals between the visits to a centre, it is possible to obtain good knowledge of the treatment, the spiritual surgeries, patient’s opinions, and opinions of people who are not related with or even oppose the events at a given centre.

Documenting the treatment is intensive work, time and resources are always limited. No or only little effort is made to obtain insights into organisational details such as the number of volunteers, a specific volunteer's responsibilities, possible private treatment sessions, economic viability, etc. Researching and reporting all this would exceed the current scope of STorg.

In order to document the treatment, STorg's author first has to ask for permission at the given. Usually, the centre’s principal doctor spirit or spirit mentor incorporates into the centre’s principal medium and verbally grants permission to STorg’s author. This rarely is different. Not all doctor-spirit centres permit to have their treatment sessions documented but so far all have permitted STorg’s author to observe and undergo the treatment and surgeries.

The presented doctor-spirit centres have no financial agreement with STorg. STorg does not receive funds from any of these centres and none of these centres asked STorg for payment.

Finances, donations, tax-deductions

STorg is a charity project but in its present existence donations are not tax-deductible. This is because a legal not-for-profit entity could not be founded yet. In order to found a legally recognised not-for-profit organisation two trustees are needed besides STorg’s author. As soon as two people are willing to become trustees, a not-for-profit organisation will be set up to enables tax-deductions for donations to STorg.

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The importance of science, education, and society

STorg acknowledges the importance of secular scholastic education, science, and society. Here is a shallow explanation of why this is the case.

Everything progresses, and that includes science, medicine, education, and society as a whole. Psychological research has proved to saturation that humans often perceive the world and society as deteriorating, although the reality is the opposite. The essential problem is that loss weighs more on humans’ minds than gain, so that positive progress and change often goes unacknowledged. For example, the disappointment about medical treatment has hardly ever been higher than today although early decease detection and curing rates for illnesses have never been better. To us humans, it is difficult to overcome our subjective experience as it is our natural mental state.

When looking at how much has changed for the better in the last one or two decades, society as a whole is progressing very positively. Never in history have that many people enjoyed proper education, never in history had that many people sufficient food (although any famine is too much famine!), never in history have such few provided for the livelihood of so many, never in history was the drive towards green energy so strong, never in history has animal and wildlife protection been so strong. The change is happening! This is not to say that the present way society is set up is fair; rather it is to remind us that the current situation is a state that is being overhauled right in this moment and that the next stage very likely entails less suffering. Most, if not all societal progress stems from science, whereas science in its core mainly is a construct of clear objective thinking and the ability to reach an objective agreement despite reasonable dissent. Nothing would move without clear thinking and clear thought!

STorg aspires to apply clear objective thinking to the study of health treatment and spiritual care from so-called spirit entities.

Copyright Information

Please respect the copyright of this website and its content. The nature of the presented topic is very delicate, hence it is important to prevent misinformation, false interpretations, and other wrongdoing that will be difficult to counteract once it has spread. Therefore, please do not use, copy, post, share, or re-upload the content on this website without prior written permission. Of course, you are welcome to invite everybody who is at least aged 18 to visit this website – I hope that you and others like it.

Please read the Terms of use, the Limitation of liability and the Disclaimer before browsing on STorg.