About doctor spirits


A doctor spirit is the non-physical remainder of a deceased medical doctor or a recognised, respected individual who purportedly lived on Earth at some point in the past. After their passing, the now-incorporeal individual, i.e. the spirit, returns in order to treat the diseases the living suffer from, to support them during difficult times, and to encourage them to open up to the existence of a non-physical reality. In some instances, the incorporeal remainders of deceased intellectuals, saints, monks, and indigenous people are said to take on the role of doctor spirits, too.

Occasionally, a given doctor spirit chooses a particular person to work with. The ‘chosen’ person is called a 'medium’ and the bond between the medium and the doctor spirit often lasts over a long period of time. In order to execute the actual health treatment – called spiritual treatment – the doctor spirit may temporarily take control of their medium. The treatment hours differ, depending on the respective doctor-spirit-medium pair and the centre where they work. Some may attend people 3 days per week, others perhaps 2 days per month.

According to the current understanding, receiving a doctor spirit and making them work through one’s body cannot be directly taught or learnt. It rather seems to happen as a rare 'by-product' of evolving mediumistic faculties in a given individual.

What makes these doctor-spirit-medium pairs so extraordinary and distinguished from other mediums, psychics, and super-perceptives is their spiritual treatment with a clear focus to improve people's health as well as their unexplained invasive and non-invasive spiritual surgeries. Probably about two-handful of these tangible doctor-spirit-medium pairs execute the awing invasive operations in Brazil nowadays.

Why the prevalence of doctor spirits and mediums is so 'high' in Brazil, is difficult to answer. But unknown to many, Brazil seems to be the motherland for mediumship and spiritual treatment with tens of thousands of Spiritist centres and thousands of places that offer spiritual treatment free of charge to everybody. Many Brazilians understand mediumship is a general ability every human possesses so that the doctor spirit phenomenon finds acceptance in the minds of many Brazilian Spiritists.

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Doctor spirits’ treatment & surgeries

Doctor spirits provide so-called spiritual treatment, which is a distinct form of health treatment that can reportedly help to achieve amazing cures and many people have testified such, among them individuals in terminal stage of disease.

Through temporarily controlling the medium, including the mediums motor system, extraordinary physical operations on the patient's body are conducted without any medical precaution, anaesthetics, and antisepsis. These testable, real surgeries are the most astounding and tangible aspect of spiritual treatment. They have remained unexplained and have puzzled interested scientists since their first discovery. Even after several decades, a solid scientific explanation remains to be provided.

Most doctor-spirit mediums state to be completely unconscious during the entire period, from the moment the spirit incorporates into them until they leave their bodies.

The doctor spirits themselves have imparted that they make tremendous efforts in order to effectuate a patient’s healing but, despite many good achievements, their treatment has boundaries.

The doctor spirits' treatment is widely provided for free, neither the doctor spirit not the medium is allowed to charge for it. At some centres, optional treatment supplements are provided to financially support the centre.

Several doctor-spirit mediums display exceptional skills and knowledge during the time the doctor spirit remains incorporated in them:

  • Some can correctly diagnose a given patient’s health condition and other aspects like blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, possible internal inflammations, etc. within a few seconds and without medical tools, simply by reading the heart rate and analysing the patient.
  • The medium suddenly communicates in one or more foreign languages although they do not know them. Allegedly, the incorporated doctor spirit acquired them during thei lifetimes. The most common is German because the most popular doctor spirit is Dr. Fritz, Dr. Adolph Frederick Yeperssoven by his full name.
  • Some mediums seem to be notably less impacted by ailments and illnesses. For example, they often do not need their glasses when they work. Even when they perform invasive operations, their short-sightedness seems to be 'on pause'. In another case, the medium seems to be perfectly healthy during inspiritance, although in her normal life she suffers from two autoimmune diseases and relies on a carer for much of her daily life.

There are many more attention-catching abilities an inspiritised medium can demonstrate during the period in which the spirit remains incorporated.

The doctor spirits’ mission and message

Several doctor spirits have stated that, in the first place, their ‘mission’ is to attend and support those people who seek their help and that the openly conducted, rough-seeming invasive surgeries are their means to demonstrate that their existence is true and that their work is genuine.

In a nutshell, their message to the living is simple: Study everything, love your neighbour as you love yourself, follow the teachings of Christ, be in service of the ultimate supreme existence – God – by striving for being the best human you can possibly be, engage in charity.