Spiritually-rooted health treatment

This free, distinct and impressive treatment can achieve remarkable outcomes.

Real attestable practices, amazing recoveries, measurable betterment
  • All treatment is free of charge.
  • You will be attended by a medical spirit, a self-conscious non-physical entity that incorporates in a normal person – a medium – demonstrating truly exceptional skills and treatment practices.
  • The incorporated spirit will directly speak with you and tangibly treat your health condition, some of the practices and interventions clearly exceed human logic and imagination.
  • Many would call the person a 'healer' and their work 'healing' but the medium themself does not refer to it as such.
  • What you will witness and experience will make you redefine your understanding of reality.
  • If you do not want to go on your own, you can join in on a guided tour.
Spiritual treatment is a distinct form of health treatment that often involves exceptionally impressive and astonishing practices, clearly witnessable and provable. It reportedly can achieve a cure or the significant remission of diseases, chronic pain, and minor ailments, establishing good physical and mental health in the afflicted person. Spiritual treatment is widely provided free of charge as it is considered a charitable service to humanity.
Spiritual surgery is an element of spiritual treatment with invasive spiritual surgery as the most awing and remarkable practice. Scientists and medical professionals have confirmed that these invasive operations are authentic and that they contradict the current biomedical paradigm. No health seeker or patient has to choose an invasive intervention, the non-invasive practices suggestively are of similar benefit to achieve a cure or betterment.

The medical entities - so-called 'doctor spirits'

Tangibly working spirit entities of deceased doctors, saints, monks, indigenous…
Come to Brazil
Go on a guided tour to receive this fantastic health treatment or to see and study the phenomena yourself. Meet and consult with the doctor spirits and witness their work and surgeries.

The compelling free treatment provided by the doctor-spirit entities should be accessible to everybody and it is not the intention to capitalise on ailing individuals. This is why facilitated travel-&-stay is offered.

Facilitated travel-&-stay is a very affordable option to spend longer periods of time in Brazil and receive the free treatment while having a trustful and reliable contact person available who is acquainted with the country, the doctor spirits, and who can help and translate in many situations.

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Health treatment through spirit entities

Available, accessible, testable
A charitable service to humanity, therefore treatment is widely free of charge
Notably distinct and different from other alternative treatments, psychic healing, and spiritual therapies
The potential to achieve and facilitate amazing outcomes although traditional medical treatment options are exhausted
Mind-boggling invasive surgeries are carried out – witnessed and testified by trained medical doctors
Available for everybody, no preparation needed
Unprecedently tangible and undeniably present – astounding, impressive, humbling
Hello, I’m Johannes, the person who authors this website and the only one who has ever looked into the treatment, the surgeries, and the overall phenomenon that profoundly.

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